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Adobe to Remove Photoshop 3D Workspace and Features

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly complicated piece of software that is multifaceted and multipurpose. However, one of its lesser-known workspaces is going to be removed completely.

Adobe Photoshop might never have been synonymous with 3D work, but it has had the functionality for a good few years now. With the introduction of Adobe Dimensions (previously Project Felix), the 3D workspace did see more use, however. Adobe has now made the announcement that they are removing the core 3D engine within Photoshop, which necessitates the removal of all interactions in the 3D workspace, 3D printing, normal and bump maps, lighting effects, spherical panoramas, and the import and export of all 3D formats, among a few others elements.

There are a few features being removed that did see some use for photographers. For example, the spherical panoramas and the lighting effects in particular. The lighting effects didn't — in my experience at least — seem to be creating results that would be impossible without reliance on the GPU or the 3D workspace, so perhaps that will be recreated in time.

In this video by photoshopCAFE, you will be given the reasons behind the removal, as well as some ways in which you can still access these features using older versions.

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Fristen Lasten's picture

Is Adobe removing some of the monthly price?

Studio 403's picture

I think this about shareholder value. Adobe, been using many years. I like it. Their days are limited for me. These guys are getting so big, They seem to be losing touch and connecting with those that made them, single user's. Other companies are biting at Adobe's heels. Notable, all big big companies and corporations turn inward in time. Adobe, sadly is on that road. My rant for today

Marc Perino's picture

I have no problem with exchanging "old" technology. But removing this part of Photoshop - and Adobe Dimensions - and then offering a whole new suite of 3D programs for almost the same price like the creative cloud is not a good move.
It should be part of the Creative Cloud. Otherwise what is the point of such a cloud if I then have to buy additional programs. This might be the first case and many might follow...

Adam T's picture

good, hopefully it will run better. There have been cpu lock issues from photoshop since 2019. In the community there are hundreds of comments about how awful the performance has been and Adobe hasn't addressed any of it.