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The Best Way to Change Color in the Latest Version of Photoshop

Just like everything in life, Photoshop techniques change or require slight adjustments. What may have been perfect two years ago might not necessarily be perfect now. And so it is with changing colors of objects in Photoshop. Here is the latest on how to do it effortlessly.

One of the great things about most modern post-production software-editing platforms is that they are constantly evolving and updating. Adobe Photoshop is no different. Not only does Adobe keep adding more and more new features, such as neural filters and AI through Adobe Sensei, it also regularly enhances and develops its methods for performing more standard tasks. What that means for us, the consumer, is that we can also update our skills and do things more efficiently and effectively. One example of that is how to change colors of objects in Photoshop.

In this video brought to you by Jesus Ramirez from The Photoshop Training Channel, he introduces the three essential components we need to understand in order to make successful color changes, hue, saturation, brightness, and then explains how to use them on our images. This is a very helpful video because Ramirez provides five different examples in which you can see this method put into practice. With the constant evolutions of post-production software, we can't afford to sit back and rely on methods that are years old. Give this video a watch, and brush up on the best way to change colors in Adobe's latest version of Photoshop.

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