How to Fix Adobe Photoshop's Save As Feature

How to Fix Adobe Photoshop's Save As Feature

Adobe has released another update for Photoshop, bringing improved features, usability, and workflow for photographers and artists alike. However, one update from a while back has constantly irritated me, the save as feature, but there's an easy solution to fix it.

Adobe Photoshop continually gets better and better, and it makes the workflow so intuitive if you have been using it for a while. I personally love the subscription that it has had for some years now, as I can now own constantly up-to-date software. Yes, I know that can be a contentious point, but it makes it more affordable for everyone, and in the teaching profession, it means that students can own and be taught using the most up-to-date version instead of learning on this only to go home and use a hacked CS5 copy that can't do half the things they were learning.

With each update comes new features and improvements, but there's always been one so-called improvement that baffles me. And that's the save as feature. Why did they change that? It worked great. If it's not broken, don't fix it. However, as Adobe has always done, they include a workaround.

The Fix

Navigate to your preferences. On a Mac, they're under file, on a PC, under edit. In the dropdown that appears, choose file handling.In the pop-up dialog box that appears, check enable legacy Save As. Another one to consider while here is to check "do not append copy to filename" when saving a copy. This is a personal preference, as it saves renaming a file when sending to a client. I just feel the word "copy" doesn't look good.

From this dialog box, click ok, and then close and reboot Photoshop to enable your new/old save as feature. I actually had to reboot my computer this time to get it to work, but usually, a simple reboot of Photoshop does the trick.

Welcome Back Your Familiar Save Feature

That's it, quick and simple. No more pop-ups asking you to save to the cloud. Back to the quick and familiar save workflow. The save to cloud option is still there, but at least this time, you make the decision to do this instead of the software providing that as the first option.


If you knew this, I'm preaching to the converted, but if you didn't, I hope it helps speed up your saving function. The preferences menu is well worth understanding and becoming familiar with, as there are quite a few different options there to speed up your own workflow and get the best out of Photoshop and your current systems configurations.

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Gary McIntyre is a landscape photographer and digital artist based on the west coast of Scotland. As well as running photography workshops in the Glencoe region, providing online editing workshops, Gary also teaches photography and image editing at Ayrshire college.

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YES! I hate ttat Save As button. Just added another step to the workflow that was needless. Now if they can set up a menu in preferences to let us take out the ones we don't use, it will be a dream come true. I detest having to scroll down through the list of savers that I never know what they are for.

Like jpeg 2000?

"but it makes it more affordable for everyone," No it doesn't. It makes it cost more for people who don't want updates all the time. Also students don't own anything. If they let their subscription lapse they are out of luck whereas the old model would keep letting them open files and allowing them to be edited. The reason Adobe did this isn't to be generous. They did it likely because there were too many people who did not value the upgrades Adobe was trying to sell them. That did not suit Adobe's revenue goals so they had to come up with a way to keep the ball rolling whether or not there was monetary evidence that people valued the upgrades enough to pay for them.

I don't understood the issue with Save As. I never use File Save as a Copy. It is redundant. If I file Save As I can save it as any name I want to and if I had opened a TIF for example that TIF remains on the disk unchanged.

C'mon, Adobe's Subscription plan is a steal for two different programs, are you kidding me! It's very smart to always have the latest installed, and Adobe does a fantastic job of keeping us updated! Updates aren't always for features, speed, and security are even more important. Sorry, you can't handle their pricing. Maybe affinity is your program!

The adobe products are very affordable given what they are capable of. They have hugely discounted rates for students. Adobe resorted to the subscription model because it makes it near impossible to pirate and let's be honest here, if people could pirate the software then nobody pays and if nobody pays then how can we expect Adobe to pay their software engineers to solve the problems that industry pro's need solved. Maybe spend some time on the Adobe forums and see how many contributors there are and how many small tweaks to the software are made which help people to streamline their workflows. I for one support this subscription system. If people can't afford it then they either aren't charging the right amount for their business or they simply aren't good enough. If you don't want the latest updates then you simply ignore the update, its that simple.

If you can't afford a mere £6 a month for both PS + LR [it's often on sale at that price] , then you probably can't afford photography in first place.
The cost for other Adobe software is however not so good. The supposed value of getting all software in a bundle is fake, because they know most folk only use 2-3 core programmes.

Yes. You are the only one who seems to get the point. $0 is less than a monthly 100% of the time for someone happy with, say CS6 is paying $0. The point is not is it affordable for any given individual. The point is not whether it is a good bargain. If ANY product that you have purchased gets the job done for you and you have no desire for new features then one would have to be an idiot to get a new one for no perceived extra value.

I do subscribe but I understand that I am not the only use case out there.

Actually, I wan't agreeing with that point. I was making a different one - the LR/PS bundle is incredibly cheap for what you get and very affordable. The entire suite bundle is however not good value because very, very folk use entire suite.
As for someone happy with CS6, I'm pretty sure spending some time on the latests versions of software then going back to CS6 will be jarring. Programmes are so very much better than they were 10 years back. Tools I regard as essential parts of my workflow like transform and masking in LR didn't even exist back then. Plus the quality of raw development is vastly superior. There are obviously many more advances, but it would be very tedious listing them all.
Humans love to fool themselves, claiming older less capable tools are do all they need is a great example of that. They don't know the newer tools, yet can simultaneously claim they are of no benefit.

instead of Save as I use ctrl+alt+shift+w (export as) where I can make different sizes of same file

The new 'save as ' irritation' was not an Adobe thing, but because of an Apple OSX change. And not the first time Apple changed long standing ways of working in software.
Keeping PS consistent across both platforms is why the annoyance is on PCs too.
Also the save to cloud or to desktop option is a separate thing from 'save as legacy' option. You also have no choice with 'don't add copy to filename option' if you do choose legacy mode.
Article needs updating.

please help me to solve this issue, i couldn't get the save as option . when i go save as option , the windows coming full blank

CAN PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE , i couldn't get Save as option n my photoshop , i attached picture