How to Change the Perspective of Anything in Photoshop

If you want to correct unwanted distortion, or if you are trying to make an object fit the scene in a composite, the perspective warp tool is one of the most powerful options you have. This video gives a complete guide on how to use this unknown tool.

If you plan on doing any advanced Photoshop work, it is essential to learn how to warp an image. Most photographers have used some form of the transform tool to scale or distort a photo. However, the perspective warp tool might be the most powerful option available and is relatively unknown. This tool allows you to define the planes of an object before you start warping it. This option enables you to maintain the perspective of the entire object as you make your adjustments. The use of this tool is the best method I’ve seen for piecing together the different aspects of a composite image as it gives you much more control than the basic transform tool.

In this video, Jesus Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel explains all of this and more. Ramirez not only gives an excellent explanation on using this tool but also provides a great lesson on understanding perspective. If you want to see more about warping an image to fit a scene, take a look at the video above.

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