How to Create a Retro VHS Glitch in Your Photographs

If you're old enough to remember what a VHS tape is, you probably remember the charm of all the visual artifacts that came with using an analog medium. This cool tutorial will show how to replicate that look for a quick blast from the past.

Coming to you from Spoon Graphics, this fun tutorial will show you how to give a VHS tape look to your images. I grew up in the 90s, adjusting the tracking knob and wearing VHS tapes out in the family VCR ("be kind, please rewind," am I right!?), and this tutorial definitely made me feel a bit nostalgic. Even if you didn't grow up in the best decade ever (I'm sorry for you), this is still a good, quick exercise to stretch your Photoshop muscles a bit. You'll work with the lesser used Shear and Wave Tools and get some practice making unusual levels adjustments and using different blending modes to achieve a desired effect, which highlights how to think outside the box to repurpose an image as an effect for another. It's a fun weekend Photoshop project, and you'll pick up some practice with some interesting techniques. Now excuse me, I'm getting back to my "Fresh Prince" reruns. 

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I used to despise this in old VHS tapes, and hoped the day would come where we wouldn't have this glitch ruining our video recordings. Now, we're adding this glitch back into our 4k Videos on purpose?? Some people only know how to look back, never forward.

gabe s's picture

Couldnt you just distort the image, then use a brush to paint some white lines on it? Are people really doing this?

aleksandersson's picture

I know a guy who knows a guy whose second cousin's neighbor has the 5D mark IV and he's end images look worse than those taken with the iPhone 1! Now that's a real talent!