How to Fix Perspective Distortion in 90 Seconds

Getting the perspective of your images to how you saw them can be tricky. There are a few ways you can achieve it, but in this video, you'll learn how to do it in Photoshop in 90 seconds.

Great architectural and cityscape photography always has one thing in common: the straights are straight and the buildings aren't distorted. When you're shooting such large object, you have little choice but to use a wide-angled lens. The trade off for this is that the buildings in your image are likely to be leaning. This is known as perspective distortion and the most common fix is in Lightroom.

Most automated methods are good, albeit not perfect and require a little guidance. With this method, as told to us by the Photoshop Training Channel, you can instruct Photoshop's Camera Raw to fix the verticals in your image, and guide it for better accuracy. This is quick and effective way of ensuring that your beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and architectural shots are as accurate and as enjoyable as possible.

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Adriano Brigante's picture

Sometimes I like how the buildings lean. It can give a sense of scale and almost claustrophobia.

Klaus Noergaard's picture

LOL. Photoshop tutorials these days. Press auto and you're done!