Looking for Inspiration? Ask Alexa

Adobe Creative Engine is a way for you to see what's happening in the creative world, especially if you need to get out of a creative rut, and it now supports Alexa.

If you want to see what other creatives are up to, or what the trends are with regards to your genre of photography, this might form part of your solution. 

And if you don't have an Alexa device, download the app (iPhone or Android) on your phone, and you can do it from there. You can ask for visual inspiration, exercises, fresh creative quotes, or have some fun with finding your creative type. 

If you want to actually make something creative, you can participate in the #AdobeInspoEngine Challenge on Twitter or Instagram, which will start on the 28th of October. You can also tune in to Instagram Live sessions with Adobe if you want to follow a creative producing work. 

Now, it might not only be focused on photography, but there is no better way to get inspiration for your work than browsing work from other creative industries like graphic design or motion graphics. 

I know that there are some photographers with a love-hate relationship with the creators of Photoshop and Lightroom, but it's not just those two apps you can benefit from. This platform they're building is a usable, powerful tool for any creative, and although there are many creative sites and tools online, there is no other with the user-base or data to make them know what we as creatives want and need as professionals. 

Other Ways of Getting Inspired With Adobe

If you want to read more about the capabilities of the Adobe Inspiration Engine, you can do so on their blog or explore the Create Magazine.

Original Lead Image by Fabian Hurnaus.

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Fristen Lasten's picture

"Adobe Creative Engine is a way for you to see what's happening in the creative world, especially if you need to get out of a creative rut, and it now supports Alexa."

Alexa is a way for Amazon to see what's happening in your private world. Like in your home. And now they can share that with Adobe.

Spy Black's picture

Follow the herd...

Alan Fletcher's picture

Alexa?!?! What a joke! If you need to get inspiration by using Alexa et al you are in need of some serious help.
Drop all the technology and take a look around you, go for a hike, explore new places, travel, the world is your shell. That can do wonders on your inspiration.

Les Sucettes's picture

I get voice commands when driving. Can someone please explain the appeal of ramblings to an ever listening device? Are people really asking Google for a recipe while they are cooking? I must be getting old 😂