Photoshop Magic: Learn 2 Ways To Use Content Aware Fill in 5 Minutes

Learn a new method of image manipulation with this insightful Photoshop tutorial brought to you by Sigourney Whitesel Studio.

This tutorial delves into the nuances of applying Content Aware Fill to elevate your image editing skills and streamline your workflow. By breaking down two distinct methods, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively utilize this quick, convenient and powerful feature.

The tutorial places a particular focus on expanding backgrounds through innovative Content Aware Fill techniques. Sigourney Whitesel takes you beyond the standard methods of extending backdrops, exploring Content Aware Fill which will breathe new life into your creative process once you get the hang of it. Demonstrated with product photography, this technique can also be used for studio portraits or any other type of photography.

Sigourney Whitsel, a seasoned expert in product photography and of digital manipulation, guides you through each step with clarity and expertise. This short video is a great starting point whether you're a novice seeking to enhance your Photoshop proficiency or a seasoned designer looking for fresh insights, this tutorial caters to a diverse audience using real world examples of Sigourney’s work. Learn the process of manipulating backgrounds, transforming your compositions into highly polished finished images.

Kim Simpson's picture

Kim Simpson is a photographer based in the West of Scotland. Her photographic practice is an exploration of the human experience, with a particular emphasis on themes of identity and belonging.

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Oh boy, she doesn't really know how to use it properly. The vid is as bad as the audio.