Photoshop Pro Teaches Mom How to Edit Childhood Photos

Childhood photos are precious, particularly to the parents of said child, so why not teach that parent to edit the photos in Photoshop?I'll be honest, Aaron Nace and his mother have an adorable and relaxed relationship — at least on camera — and it results in this sweet and successful tutorial. I think 15 minutes of replicating this with my own mother and we'd be trading physical blows.

In this video, Nace goes through some basic edits made to a photo of him as a child, with a few corrections made, and a museum stamp removed from his hand. It's not a revolutionary edit, but it fixes a few irritants in the photo and can make the world of difference. For those of you at the stage of being very new to Photoshop, these sort of videos can be useful. I hope he makes this a standing series. For anyone in a similar situation with Lightroom, PHLEARN have just launched a beginner's tutorial for that too.

Could you teach your parents how to use Photoshop? Have you tried?

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Leigh Miller's picture

Sweet stuff

David Pavlich's picture

I really like Aaron's videos. He does a nice job going through the steps.

C Fisher's picture

Oof idk, I still remember the agony when she bought a mp3 player in 2004 😅