20 Great Images of Lighthouses

20 Great Images of Lighthouses

Lighthouses are a pretty rare thing to see these days - every time I see a lighthouse, I feel like I went back in time to late 19th century or early 20th century. Check out these 20 magical images of lighthouses found on Flickr.

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Ever Watchful (Female face in the clouds)
Photo: Tim Poulton.

Elie Lighthouse
Photo: Angus Clyne.

Rattray Head
Photo: Angus Clyne.

Peggy gets mooned!
Photo: David.

Fanad Head
Photo: Alastair Stockman.

Aurora Hunting vol. 5
Photo: Styrmir Kári.

despegas al atardecer
Photo: Ibai Acevedo.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Photo: Darvin Atkeson.

Time Lapse I
Photo: Julius Tjintjelaar.

LIght Beams- Pigeon Point LIghthouse, San Mateo, CA
Photo: JaveFoto.

Griffiths Island Lighthouse
Photo: Yury Prokopenko.

It takes two for a sunset tango!
Photo: Ben Thé Man .

Nature . Beach (Vent de Sud)
Photo: Tiquetonne2067.

Shining Waves
Photo: Linda.

Moonrise - Baily Lighthouse - Dublin
Photo: Angus Clyne.

abstract silence
Photo: andi.vs.zf.

Skerries Lossiemouth 00:00:39
Photo: Angus Clyne.

Storm brewing
Photo: Tim Bouwer.

White water lighthouse
Photo: Dutch Dennis.

Elie Lighthouse
Photo: Angus Clyne.

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Great set! I especially like the one by Alastair Stockman... unfortunately, my own Nugget Point Lighthouse pic on flickr doesn't look so good to me anymore ;)


Lorenzo P's picture

Wow man This is simply amazing stuff, thanks so much for posting!