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Being Born Without Legs or Hands Didn't Stop This Man From Becoming a Talented Photographer

"I am proud of the disability I have. Yes, I'm disabled, but I'm not defective. Instead, I'm someone different." Though he was born without legs or hands, this photographer discovered his passion for image-making and has become a talented creative.

Coming to you from Great Big Story, this video tells the inspirational story of Achmad Zulkarnain, an Indonesian photographer who was born without hands or legs. Residing in Banyuwangi, he started by taking ID card pictures for other locals, when he discovered his passion for photography. He now travels in a custom go-kart for faraway shoots, a vehicle he designed entirely by himself. His work includes portraits, weddings, and documentary images. 

Zulkarnain has been published in his home country for some time and has recently begun to receive international recognition, including publication in Turkey. He's definitely a very inspirational person, and I recommend taking a few minutes to watch his story in the video above. 

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LA M's picture

Rock is never an answer.

Marvin Jimenez's picture

And no complaints about his camera being too heavy.

Leigh Smith's picture

My biggest pet peeve a camera reviews. Who cares if one camera is a few oz more than another. I don't see any of these reviewers doing any ultra backpacking excursions with them, which is about the only time counting oz's really counts.

Mike O'Leary's picture

Here I am complaining about my filters not screwing on properly. What an inspiration this man is.

Scott Weaver's picture

One of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard. His work is very fine and I will certainly enjoy following him on Instagram as his career progresses!

Mark Spoo's picture

OMG this guy is great!!!