Finding The Beauty In Air Pollution

Finding The Beauty In Air Pollution

Man-made air pollution is everywhere and it's woeful. There is no one we can blame for it. we all contribute to the destruction of our world - if its by using cars, smoking or using different kinds of sprays. But as any bad thing, man-made air pollution can help creating striking images that are both beautiful and sad. Check out these great images of air pollution found on Flickr and think of what Michael Jackson once sang: "What have we done to the world"?

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fiddlers ferry
Photo: Alex.

Smoke Rises in the Night
Photo: Bennett Ho.

the cat the clone and the chemical discharge
Photo: Mattijn Franssen.

Just Waiting!
Photo: Othman Al-Zanki.

Stop the warming
Photo: Ammar AL-Othman.

Photo: Damien Lorek.

Smoking dress.
Photo: Xabier Alonso.

Feinstaub [VII]
Photo: Eke Miedaner.

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant
Photo: Billy Currie.

Photo: Sebastiano Pitruzzello.

Photo: ramil sunga.

Toxic Industry
Photo: David Hannah.

The other side
Photo: aninda kabir [avik].

Photo: arun r.

Photo: Σάκης Δαζάνης.

Photo: Dmitriy Kostyuchenko.

Photo: SteveStudio.GrandPaparazzi.

Morning Drive
Photo: Owen.

Photo: Thibaut Lafaye.

Toxicity [Toxic Wind on an Atomic City]
Photo: aninda kabir [avik].

formation of destruction
Photo: Wahiduzzaman galib.

Environmental Pollution
Photo: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan.

Industry II, UK
Photo: Richard:Fraser.


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Some pics don't show polution at all. Those cone-like towers you see mostly on nuclear plants (but a general misconception as these are also used in other type of plants). Those towers are cooling towers cooling down water, so it's pure steam you see coming out of it, not poluted smoke.

glad you said it :) I was about to post this as well.  I live in Ulaanbaatar and the pollution here is insanely horrible... possibly worst in the world?  My photos should be chosen by default :P

George Socka's picture

steam is not polution

Noam Galai's picture

I really like that

Thank you Noam :)