Flickr Spotlight - Striking Images Of Rainbows Around The World

Flickr Spotlight - Striking Images Of Rainbows Around The World

Photos of rainbows tend to look cheesy and kitschy, and people usually "abuse" the pictures with tons of crazy editing and heavy HDR effects to make it look cooler (and fail). But - when doing it tastefully, the results can be breath-taking - and breath-taking are exactly the kind of images we collected here for you. Check out all these amazing photos from all around the world and let us know which you liked the best in the comments!

Pannonian poplar trees..:)
Photo: Katarina Stefanović.

One Storm, Two Rainbows and Almond Tree
Photo: David Frutos Egea.

One Almond Tree Under the Storm
Photo: David Frutos Egea.

Rainbow and a wee boat - Ardtoe - Scotland
Photo: Angus Clyne.

Bring it on......!
Photo: Nicolas Valentin.

Nubes y arco iris
Photo: Rafa Merelo Guervós.

Donde nace lo imposible.
Photo: trasguete.

Burra Storm
Photo: Yury Prokopenko.

Rainbow Valley
Photo: Roy.

Latakia - Syria. Double colored Gate
Photo: R Azhari.

Rainbow from the Moonlight - Yosemite Falls Moonbow
Photo: Darvin Atkeson.

Photo: stu mayhew.

Rainbow | Knutshøe | Leirungsdalen
Photo: Feffef.

Rainbow over Jerusalem
Photo: Marcel.

Rain scapes
Photo: Jean-Pierre Dodel.

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Hey folks, almost everyone of these images appear as "All Rights Reserved" on the artists Flickr page. I presume you have permission from every one of them to take their pictures and post them on the fstoppers site?

Noam Galai's picture

I commented to you on the other post where you asked exactly the same question. Instead of asking it again and again it may be better to ready the response first :) here, ill make it easier for you: "John - yes its "all right" like most of them - but the all allow bloggers to embed the image directly from flickr. A lot of photographers dont allow that and we never take images from them."

Hi Noam, this is my first time asking this question, maybe it was another John; it's a popular name :-)

"but the[y] all allow bloggers to embed the image directly from flickr" - is that a generalisation or do you have explicit permission from each of the artists here who have displayed their work on Flickr as All Rights Reserved?

Noam Galai's picture

Sorry about that, its just "John" asks exactly that question on a lot of my posts haha... so i did 1+1. came out 3 this time.
Its a feature on Flickr. Even when its all rights reserved, you can allow bloggers to feature your photo (with credit, link back etc) on blogs. Of course some photographers dont allow that, and then we dont feature their work. 
So if photogs allow to share, we share, if not, we dont. 

Technically, even if its "all rights reserved" you are allowed to use it for editorial purposes, as above. 

Hi David,

Just had to comment on your comment above. Actually, you are not allowed to use images for editorial use. That is what editorial licenses are for. You might be confusing this with "fair use" but even so I would not the usage as you're doing above falls into that category. Personally I have no knowledge of any case on copyright infringement of a photographic image that was successfully defended as fair use.

Also, the fact that users have a sharing option on Flickr does not give you any additional rights for embedding without a specific license. 

You might want to take a closer look at copyright law on this...

Maybe you all should read the agreement you accept when joining Flikr for the answer... the photos people upload must have a specified copyright by the user, which dictates whether it is okay for a third party to re-post their photo, etc...

Got it, my bad.

Fstoppers is not claiming ownership of any of the images, linking back to the image and giving each photog free advertising.  The "All Rights Reserved" is for theft and profiting from these.  

So I'm assuming that using the images to illustrate an article surrounded by advertising is not making profit?

John Godwin's picture

To be fair, the heavy use of HDR you mention in the main text is present in quite a few of these. Especially the first and last. They are particularly awful. 

Please remove my image from this discussion. There is advertising on this site, so I also need to be paid for use of my image. Thank you.

Jon Cornforth

Kevin Colquhoun's picture

I thought Fstoppers said that they had permission to use these? *Sarcasm*

Their advertising pays for your free advertising on their site.... You must think you're pretty hot stuff to reject free advertising, and links back to your work improving your SEO.

I've never heard of a free image feature on a blog with thousands of readers hurting someones income? Seems like a stupid move.