May's Best Facebook Group Photos

May's Best Facebook Group Photos

Sorry for the delay this month folks! I was traveling the Inland Empire (Idaho). That said, it's time to answer the question many of you wait patiently for every month: Who impressed us with the best images uploaded to our Fstoppers Facebook Group? Which images brought the most discussion? Which images were mind blowingly stunning, but went unnoticed? Take a look, because once again you all proved just how talented you are.






Vitaliy Piltser


Thomas Ingersoll


Scott Jung


Russ Ruskie Freeman


Rob Sydor


Paul Monaghan


Mingyang Sun


Maximilian Juan Rivera


Marcus Hyde


Luke Schneider


Linus Pettersson


Lily Hr


Jordan August


Henry Alfonso Navarro


David Walters


Daniel Smith (click to see it larger, because this size doesn't do it justice)


Christoph Krüger


Bill Gekas


Avrohom Perl


Albert Heisler


Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all our Fstoppers Facebook Group members for showcasing their work. Want your photography featured? Want to show the Fstoppers Featured Photo Award on your website? All you have to do is upload your best photos to our Fstoppers Facebook Group every month. Just make a statement with your image and you could end up featured here.

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Whoa! Quiet a surprise to see my Brooklyn Bridge photo featured! Thank you FStoppers!! 

Thank YOU Vitaliy. It's a great shot!

Avrohom Perl's picture

Thanx fstoppers!!!!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Thank you very much for posting this. Now that I'm no longer a member of the Fb group, this really helps sum it up with the good content.

Thanks for picking one of our images, we are thankful. Huge addicts of Fstoppers, we check daily (often several times a day) for new content :)

Tam Nguyen's picture

You ever heard of RSS feed?

Speaking of which, I am currently revamping our email RSS feed.

yes sir :)

Steven Gammon's picture

Ah! Congrats Marcus!

yeah, wish you guys would give a link credit to a website or whatever they have when posting their pictures, so one could follow their work more :(

Often times, their websites are not immediately available. We can start linking to their Facebook profiles if you would like that. 

 Well, if anyone's interested, I can be found at: and/or

Well just make it easy, put it in the notes for the form that when you post a photo to the group to put a link to your website if you want (adding a weekly reminder exc will help), so you have it already there if you choose it.  If they don't put a link to their website, then don't include it when you publish the photo in the article. 

I wouldn't post someones personal profile FB account.  I know I wouldn't like that (as my personal profile is just that, personal) but then again I have a FB fanpage for my photos as well as a website to but I know some guys who don't and only have a FB profile for all their work to be displayed.

Anyways, just would be a better reason for me to actually click on these articles and want to see them if I knew I could find other great photographers out there doing stuff I like vs just seeing some cool shots but no real info with them.

Let us know if you decide to do that :)

Avrohom Perl's picture

Just make the names links to there facebook or website...

And if your looking for mine... 

Thank you guys! Great to see my photo in here!

David Walters's picture

Heck YEAH!!!! I'm an avid Fstopper checker in and am beyond honored to be posted. Thanks guys!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Flash website eeeewwwww

David Walters's picture

Yeah agree completely. I'm in the process of getting AWAY from that. I thought I liked it at I don't..and I have the functionality from so many external sites that it doesn't make sense to use the people I'm with now. 

May not be to your taste, but at least his website actually loads ;-)

Tam Nguyen's picture

Thank you for that screen shot. I seriously hate that Amazon Cloudfront isn't reliable at times. But then again, you're using IE...

David Walters's picture

Oh yeah, I'm David Walters and my website is and you can check out Facebook at

Omar Carter's picture


Thank you Fstopper! (HUGE SMILE) 

Next stop: a featured BTS video XD.

I feel honored=)

Thx so much!! 

If your interested you can follow me on facebook
and my more rarely updated wordpress-site

Thank you so much Fstoppers! I am so glad to see my photo here! It's the first time someone selected my work :))) You've made my month!!! 
Big thanks!!!

Superb pics! Some great work going on!

Thank you Fstoppers, 
I've been a fan of this site for ages and it feels great to have something of mine featured here as I have always enjoyed the great and creative work that appears on this site.

So cool to see my photo up here! Thanks guys!

Wow I just knew that  :) Thanks Fstoppers

so stoked! thanks for the feature and thanks for this outlet for young inspiring photographers to get exposure and feedback.  

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