[Pics] Flickr Spotlight - Underwater Wrecks

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight - Underwater Wrecks

Underwater photography is a kind-of-rare form of photography. Its way less accessible for most of us, as most of us cant afford the super expensive DSLR underwater housing, and Intagram will probably fail in this mission as well. Most of underwater shots we get to see are of nice looking fish, or a cool coral reef - but this time we're bringing you something even cooler - the best underwater shots of sunken wrecks: ships, planes and cars.

Have you ever shot underwater wreck pictures? Share them with us in the comments bellow or in our Facebook Group!

Ghiannis D
Photo: Michal Krzysztofowicz.

Japanese A6M Zero
Photo: Rand McMeins.

there shall you find the mariners asleep
Photo: Adam.

Into the Blue, plane set
Photo: Clay Wiseman.

The Lord of the Seas
Photo: Matthew Farrugia.

Getting Wrecked in Palau
Photo: Mark Thorpe.

Photo: Csaba Tökölyi.

Corsair wreck Oahu
Photo: Justin F W.

Sunken Plane, Aruba
Photo: Quang Le Hong.

C47 Dacota Plane Wreck
Photo: Fatih Sökmen.

Sunken Secret
Photo: Addie Reiss.

The "La Rose"
Photo: Michael.

Poppa del Romagna B/W
Photo: Luca Sgualdini.

From Noam:
I always love hearing from fellow photographers. If you have any ideas for themes, or any other suggestion ill be more than happy to hear from you. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and of course on Flickr.

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I'm thinking: What a junk yard we've made of our oceans.  :/

I think of junkyard, I think of deliberately trashing something. Im sure everyone of these planes/boats would have been happily used for another day and the screaming people as they went down would agree with me. Although im sure they were much more dignified in their response to the situation than I would have been (the screaming maniac lol)

They are magnificent as artificial reefs, the sea life LOVE them. It's not like dumping an old car in the woods, the variety and number of fish that will make them home is unreal.

I am so please to be featured in FSTOPPERS .... for more UW and water sports photography visit www.matfar.co.uk

Matthew Farrugia