Using a Smoke Machine To Add Drama And Depth To Your Images

Using a Smoke Machine To Add Drama And Depth To Your Images

Smoke machine (also known as 'Fog Machine') is one product most photographers don't own or have access to. Many believe it is just too expensive to buy one, but the fact is, you can get a smoke machine for just $29! Those machines are not just good for parties and concerts, but great for creative shoots. Adding smoke can add depth, texture and drama to your images. Check out these 18 great photos using smoke machines (or smoke bombs).

Used smoke in your shots before? share your results and your tips on how to use it in the comments below or in our Facebook Group.

Photo: Benjamin Zank.

Photo: Simon Duhamel.

Modern Warfare XXIV
Photo: Mattia Panciroli.

No Reason To Riot
Photo: Jens Christian Schroder.

The Invasion
Photo: Brendon Burton.

The Infamous Brothers Davenport
Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.

this place is damp and ghostly
Photo: Rockie Nolan.

Photo: Malcolm Urwin.

Dark Queen night
Photo: David Olkarny.

Photo: Kyle Thompson.

39/52 | The Fairy Tale Warns, But I Don't Listen.
Photo: Jared Tyler.

I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving
Photo: Brendon Burton.

One Last Waltz [Explored]
Photo: Omálix Martinez.

Photo: gibb3rs.

Photo: Kyle Thompson.

One Crow for Sorrow - Day 96/365
Photo: Benjamin Von Wong.

Photo: Sandy Phimester.

Minerva Mendez
Photo: Rick Rose.

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very cool lighting!

Looks like it's time to pull the old smoke machine out of the closet!

And Here is one of my portraits..
More on

Beautyfully Weird!

Oh man, I went through a stage after buying my smoke machine where it was all I ever used! Had to calm down a bit with it. But it certainly was the coolest cheap investment. The fluid was more expensive than the machine itself.

For this self portrait I used a green gelled flash in the background and a strip box with white flash camera left. I used 2 SB-900 speedlights.
More examples:

Sorry picture was not attached

I love this post here are a few images of my own

Check out my website