2013 Overseas Press Club Winners Announced (Warning - Graphic)

2013 Overseas Press Club Winners Announced (Warning - Graphic)

The Overseas Press Club of America is an organization who recognizes photojournalist and photographers for exceptional reporting in the photography medium. Since 1939 the OPC has seeked to maintaining an international association of journalist working abroad and here in the United States. Last night, they awarded 4 different photographers with awards of exceptionalism.

Atop of the awards, was Robert Capa Gold Medal photographer Fabio Bucciarelli, for his photographs highlighting battles in Aleppo, Syria entitled 'Battle to Death'. The photos he was able to capture during the civil war of Syria are both heartbreaking and gritty.


The Olivier Rebbot Award for “best photographic reporting from abroad in magazines or books” was given to Samuel James for his work entitled 'The Water of My Land'. His series highlighted the conflict over oil in Niger Delta. After being published in Harper's Magazine, Samuel continued working on the series. It wasn't until much later when he first learned of his nomination, while “waiting for sundown on a beach with a squad of oil thieves.”


The Feature Photography Award of 2013 was awarded to Associated Press photographer Oded Balilty, for his work on 'An Ultra-Orthodox Wedding'. This series highlighted a royal wedding in an incredibly Orthodox community in Israel.

YE Mideast Israel ReligionPetah-Tikva-Israel-An-Ult-010Ultra-Orthodox-Jewish-bri-019

And finally, the John Faber Award for “best photographic reporting from abroad in newspapers or news services” was awarded to Associated Press photographer Bernat Armangue for his photographs of the conflict in Gaza.

A Palestinian man kisses the hand of a dead relative in Shifa HospitalA Palestinian man rides past a destroyed areaA Palestinian woman after being injured during an Israeli forces strikePalestinians carry bodies of members of the al-Dallu family in Gaza


Congratulations to all those who won. If you'd like to see more work from their series you can do so by clicking each of their respective websites above.

[via Time]

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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Bernat is one of the greatest photographers alive today and super approachable. I had a question for him on a project I was looking into. In response, he was friendly, helpful, and uplifting. He told me that with two weeks, I surely would have better results than he had in 4 days. One of the greatest overstatements ever, but a testament to how great of a person he is. Congrats to him!

cool work!

Hank's picture

Really cool stuff

How can you look at such suffering and say "really cool stuff"? These are real people, real suffering! Not some kind of movie.

Hank's picture

You are a fucking tool

What a pitiful creature you are.

Melody Christian's picture

He meant "really cool stuff" as in- cool photography, amazing work, phenomenal images captured- come on, common sense, Sy. Obviously someone wouldn't look at those images and refer to the happenings and sufferings themselves as really cool.

Hank's picture

Lets not feed the trolls

I'm well aware of what he meant. I think the comment could have been articulated in a better way in light of the subject matter. I'm sure if any of his relatives was one of those injured or dead, "cool stuff" would not be the way he would have described the photo. You guys are the tools if you don't see that.

Very touching imagery

Amazingly captured emotion. Hats off to the photographers that are willing and able to shoot this subject matter.

And once again the "middle-east" filter has been applied...