Air Pump Baby: Creative Maternity Series

Air Pump Baby: Creative Maternity Series

Quebec photographer, Patrice Laroche, took an interesting approach to his personal maternity photos. He took several self-portraits of himself with the mother of his child, Sandra Denis at a convenience store air pump machine. The series of photos were taken a different times within the nine months of waiting for their daughter, Justine, to make an appearance into the world. A very unique and humorous way of documenting the whole length of the pregnancy, that I hope becomes a trend. 

You can read more about this story via: Bit Rebels


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Greg Zastawny's picture

hahhah COOL Idea

Agamemnon's picture

I-a bagat bine falusul cucoanei.

Ralph Hightower's picture

Now, that's different! That was a fun concept excellently executed!

Lorenzo P's picture

Lol Awesome! 

Paul Monaghan's picture

love it :D

cool idea

I hate to break this to you, and I feel real bad,
but someone out there got their fetish fufilled.
Great idea, but I'm the bearer of bad news.