Alex Soth Still Uses An 8x10 Camera

Alex Soth is an American photographer based out of Minnesota. He recently setup a big exhibition at the Minneapolis Walker Art Center which showcased his work done on a large 8x10 camera. Most of his work is done by photographing strangers in unique environments. This short profile video explains his outlook on photography and makes one think "how in the world do you walk around with such a large camera"?

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Very interesting work!!!!!

"No matter who you are, everyone's going to say one sentence about you. You can't create that sentence, but you can sort of help determine what it's not." That is very true and a great way to approach things.

It was a great piece ... as a photographer I was more interested in his shooting of the 8x10 in the digital age. I want to see the back story of him. I want to see him shooting and find out the types of film he shoots and if he processes his own film etc.

I want more!

I saw Alec Soth speak in Nebraska last year. Very interesting. I especially like his work because it doesn't follow the typical portrait and commercial work we see all over these days (ie HDR, shallow depth of field, cross processed images).

Alec has also done a photo blog for the New York Times which is entertaining

Thanks Patrick for the post.

Soth is a great photographer and I think he's one of those artists that will continue to produce interesting work for many years to come. I first noticed his work on Magnum Photo's website, of which he is a full Member. I think he also uses a digital medium format camera for his work now as well as Gregory Crewdson, who's also known for using 8x10 large format.