Awesome Photos Of Couples That Won't Make You Sick

As someone who spends a lot of time looking at photos online - if it's on Flickr, Facebook or Tumblr - I come across hundreds of photos of couples every month. The problem is: the photos are almost always kitschy, boring and make you feel sick inside. You know what i'm talking about. This is why I chose to feature some great images of couples that will actually make you stop and think. Maybe even smile.

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Le Baiser de la Tour Eiffel
Photo: Adrien Sanglé-Ferrière.



Photo: John Mueller.



Photo: Cari Ann Wayman.



Sunshine 3
Photo: Angela Butler.



Home Alone, Together
Photo: Ryan Brenizer.



Photo: Cari Ann Wayman.



Make Me Feel Like Paradise
Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.



One Last Waltz [Explored]
Photo: Omálix Martinez.



Night of the witches
Photo: Ivo Berg .



Nocturne: 2
Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.



Photo: Margot pandone.



In The Sun - Post Process Friday
Photo: Ed McGowan.



3rd Anniversary
Photo: Andrew James.



School Daze
Photo: Ryan Brenizer.



*a little love story #2
Photo: Dona Yamazaki.



Forget Paris...♥ (Or "Ven y abrázame #2)
Photo: Julia Dávila-Lampe.



200.365 - City Love

Photo: Josh Liba.


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James Johnson's picture

As a portrait photographer, my first instinct is to make sure you can see their faces. Having said that, I am really drawn to the last photo where no faces are visible.

Greg Brave's picture

Some of them still make me sick :)

Agreed. Ryan Brenizers photos are rad except for the borders that make me sick.

CaptainBirdseye's picture

I was vomitting all over the place. Now I have to buy a new mac.

I specialize in this kind of stuff. :) Engagement photos are my favorite to shoot!

Mark Lauman's picture

quit plugging yourself

John B. Mueller's picture

This isn't about you or your photos. Pretty sad if you have to promote yourself out on threads that aren't about you.

you must of not read the article. It says share your best couples shots..

Tia Poscano's picture

Actually, it says "Want to share with us your own couple shots? post them on our Facebook Group!" death is in the details...

John B. Mueller's picture

In the facebook group, not on here. I did read it

Brian Bray's picture


Dan Smith's picture

Photoshopping two people into a cloned-over JPEG still-frame from a Hollywood film does not make for an "Awesome Photo," IMHO. The couple look as if they're hovering about 6 inches off the ground and the light doesn't match.

Ted Davis's picture

I really like Margot Pandone!

Here is a like to my most recent engagement shoot. Let me know what you think.



Mark Lauman's picture

quit plugging

John B. Mueller's picture

No, I won't.

nice work. @twitter-20611594:disqus @twitter-18320978:disqus quit trolling fstopper comments.

Mark Lauman's picture

I really enjoyed Dona Yamazaki's and Margot Pandone's. I think Andrew James' might be the opposite of what this article was going for

Brian Bray's picture

Wow, those church people were right: a couple really is a man and a woman!
(Guess we're not quite there yet.)

Some of this photos are exactly the same thing that too many lifestyle photographers do.
The legs without heads photo is something never seen before?

Josh Liba's picture

Thank you very, very much for featuring my image! I also really appreciate @facebook-100005325606967:disqus 's comment. Although I do Wedding and Engagement photography, the image chosen wasn't from any commissioned shoot, just street photography. I was walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park and happened upon the scene.

Whether they were engrossed in a quiet conversation, or simply enjoying a blissful moment, I do not know. I never saw their faces. For me, it represented more of an ideal and happy notion of love rather than a portrait of two specific people. Racked out and took a single frame, and this was it.

Thanks again!

soniadelvalle's picture

The second to last gave me diabetes.