Behind the Scenes on a Backyard Studio Shoot

Not everyone has the luxury of having tons of room in their home for a photoshoot or large enough windows for those natural light photographers. Without having to leave the comfort of your home, one option for some would be to take their studio setup outside, weather permitting, of course. 

Coming from Irene Rudnyk, she takes us behind the scenes of her recent photoshoot, which happens to take place in her backyard. If you happen to have a shed in your backyard, you could even transform that into a studio setting, as shown in this video. 

Rudnyk's light source for both sessions happens to be one of the largest sources any photography can use, the sun. She also utilizes a large reflector to add fill light where needed. We are shown two different sessions, where one is shot on a sunny, bright day and the other on a cloudy day, where the light is diffused. This is a great way to see how Rudnyk handles both lighting scenarios differently to achieve her results. Throughout the video, Rudnyk does a great job of sharing her reasoning for any changes in the scene and some posing tips. 

What was your favorite part of the video? Have you done a studio setup outdoors? Let us know in the comments below!

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Staff writer Alex Ventura is a professional photographer based out of the Houston area that specializes in automotive and glamour with the occasional adventures into other genres. He regularly covers automotive related events for Houston Streets & Spekture with some publications in the United States.

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Always enjoy watching your videos ! The 'move around' tip is so true, I discovered that almost by accident, once I get the shots up on the computer screen it often works out that what I think is going to be the 'right' angle isn't and it's something that I just shot to cover myself.

She always does a great job with outfits and posing. Surprised she switched off Canon but the Fuji primes work well for what she does too 🙂