Brad Pitt Photographs Angelina Jolie: Results Are Impressive

Brad Pitt Photographs Angelina Jolie: Results Are Impressive

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If the guy wasn't already talented enough, now Brad Pitt is showing off his ability to shoot photos of his gorgeous "wife" and family using black and white film. The photos are quite spectacular and give us all an interesting insight into his life behind closed doors. You will want to see these.

The photos originally went public in the November 2008 issue of W Magazine. Surprisingly though I had not see them till they recently surfaced again on Reddit. According to "W’s Creative Director Dennis Freedman wanted a different perspective for their next feature of Angelina Jolie, revealing an angle yet unseen of one of the most photographed women in the world. The answer couldn’t have been more obvious and ambitious. “I was surprised that Brad accepted the challenge,” said Freedman as Brad Pitt showed interest and enthusiasm in shooting the portraits himself."

To produce the photos for the assignment from W Magazine, Pitt requested rolls of Kodak Tech Pan - a film that had been discontinued back in 2004. The magazine's photo editor however located 40 rolls of the film to send to Pitt to use as requested. Tech Pan was popular with photographers in the fashion industry for it's high contrast black and white results.

While looking over the images I was highly impressed with Pitt's ability to capture images that went far beyond just snapshots around the house. The lighting is beautiful in many of the shots and the composition is fantastic. His subject is of course absolutely stunning and those lips, wow! But who knew that Pitt had such a great eye for capturing photos.

Surprisingly, I also really enjoyed all the grain in the images. I realize this will be something some might complain about in the images, but I actually really found it almost refreshing and reminded me of my days shooting high ISO black and white film in school.

I was glad these images have resurfaced since I missed them on the first go around back in 2008. So what do you think about them? I for one am a bit perturbed that here all this time I thought I had Pitt beat in at least one area (photography) and come to find out now that he is actually quite the contender to beat me there as well. You got my respect Pitt. Now I just need to make sure my wife doesn't see these photos.

[Via Reddit, Via Lomography]

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Tobias Solem's picture

Well, it has to be hard NOT to take an interesting shot of Angelina.

Syman St's picture

Methinks you are underestimating yourself, Trevor.

DanTHEME's picture

Outstanding work.

I'm not saying, am just saying that all of these are shot with a Leica.

RUSS T.'s picture

i must be missing something.

Other than it being pics of the babe named jolie, the pics look grainie and exposed really crappy.

grain is the new hipster way to make pics.

ngiardina's picture

These are from 2008, waaaay before hipster grain was en vouge. Was Brad Pitt the original hipster?

Jayson Carey's picture

He was a hipster before it was cool.

Jon's picture

Being a hipster is not cool.

BDWT's picture

Not, you're right -But come on, realistically everyone knows categorizing people by their lifestyle and stylistic choices are what's REALLY cool! (this is sarcasm by the way, incase the capital letters didn't sell that properly)

Jo's picture

grain is the hipster way because despite their desperation to be 'different', they don't actually know how to use film cameras.

Lev David's picture

Ever heard of Man Ray?

BDWT's picture

Grainy? Seriously? Do you not know what shooting on film is like? It's FULL of grain unless you're shooting 50iso or lower! That's why there's grain!

Jarran Armstrong's picture

you obviously dont know photography..these are stunning!

Felipe Paredes Schulz's picture

emmm ok

Brett Stanley's picture

Would these be remarkable if not for the fame of the subject?

Tobias Solem's picture

Well, yes. Because Angelina simply is stunning.

Steve Urkel's picture

Really. So you say that people regularly gawk over random pictures of stunning women? The ONLY reason we see these are because of the fame of the subject.

Its like eating a hamburger at Brad Pitts house. Even if it tastes like crap, Brad Pitt made it so we overlook that it was overcooked.

Joseph Luk's picture

he really puts love into those cheeseburgers

Peter Kremzar's picture

Well sure. Pictures like these count as a super art here on Fstoppers - because they for sure aren't photoshopped in any way

Fstopperswhyunolikegoopitures's picture

Derp derp derp derp Brad Pitt

Derp derp derp derp Angelina Jolie

Derp Derp Derp DERP I miss grainy film from high school.


Nick Fancher's picture

Why do you even visit this website?

apollo's picture

He's a troll, don't feed him. Let's watch how he starve.

Matthew Wagg's picture

He is right though

BDWT's picture

Aw, I missed it, what did his comment say? I love to chime in when people say ridiculous things!

What is derp?

ngiardina's picture

derp - noun. A delicious blend of 11 herbs and spices, mixed with a large dose of douchebaggery.

Jens Marklund's picture

I'm gonna guess the magazine cropped the photos

Michael Miller's picture

Orlando Bloom did this too recently and much better.

Audrey Crosby McLellan's picture

Are you kidding me!? With the exception of ONE of the 13 images I saw, Orlando doesn't hold a candle to Brad. A beautiful background and a posed subject does not make a great photo. At the very least Miranda looked so cheesy in most of them whereas Angelina at least appeared to be caught in the moments of living her life (in most of them). There was nothing special about the exposure or composition (in some cases both were poorly done imo) and just nothing special about any of the photos at all. As much as I like Orlando, this is definitely not his thing. I would hang photos Brad took (even if they weren't of Angelina).

Matthew Wagg's picture

So a very rich and talented actor that is around photographic and film people day in and day out knows how to take photos? Why is that news? All it takes is some time with a tutor and a fancy camera (oh look a leica m9) and anyone with money can be a good photographer. Honestly the way its made out, its like he invented the process or something. I'd have been a little more impressed if he's have used a view camera or a studio camera and done all the processing and printing himself.

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