[BTS] Chris Crisman Shoots Lifestyle Photography In Florida

Chris Crisman is a advertising and editorial photographer who, after a series of missed jobs, set out to add an entirely new branch to his business, lifestyle photography. This video offers a behind the scenes look at his trip, as well as a glimpse at how he shoots and some of his lighting set ups.

Interested in how he achieves his distinctive look? Checkout Chris Crisman's guest post on Strobist.com HERE for more info.




From Nick:

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I love this sort of video (though would prefer longer to watch each shoot). Also gives me some insight into higher end photography. What I can't get my head around is what this sort of shoot series must cost - all those people and models! I feel very small in comparison!

Would love an in-depth one too...very interesting!

More a promo than a BTS?

Eu nu port chiloti

Are videos like this paid advertisements?

It's definitely short and sweet, but there's a lot of information in there.

What does he mean by "lifestyle photography"? I mean, it's not a commercial fashion shoot...  Who pays for this? Is this for microstock? Than the expenses are enormous for the expected ROI. Same if this is just self promo. Or is the goal to convince ordinary people commissioning a photo shoot like this for their family album to show off how life stylish they are?

IMHO this is eye candy - but is it business? Dunno...

EDIT: Just read on Strobist that its really only self promo. A nice one, but simply to spice up the portfolio...

Dirk, lifestyle is a type of photography, like commercial, fashion, or still life. Lifestyle portrays subjects in a controlled environment, engaged in an activity, or emotionally expressive. Its main purpose isn't to sell clothes or accessories (fashion), nor to sell a product or an idea (commercial). Lifestyle photography can tell a story, or can act as a visual metaphor supporting a brand and its image. Lifestyle can have editorial, retail, and commercial uses.  There really isn't a clearly defined definition of the term, but this is as close as I can come :-)

Ralph Lauren't Big Pony TV spot would definitely fall within fashion lifestyle. Lifestyle is also very common in the big pharma industry. They're selling a pill, but they can't just photograph the pill. They're selling the way it helps you feel. No more back pain, do the things you love without worrying... etc.

 excellent interpretation Mike

 Great description!!! Thanks for the insight...

i think this video is a little poor, very quick editing and no more than half of a second to see the setup etc, i didnt get that much info out of it.

Video like video. Advertising. The problem is, it doesn't have any value for us(photographers). It doesn't teach anything, doesn't show any awesome, new or unusual technique. And for sure I am not going to hire any photographer.
It is not good idea to post anything "photography related" that you find online...

The Strobist article gives some insight to his technique (for this series of photos) and how he went about the shots.  The video is definitely NOT a BTS.  Nice though either way. 

This video was really well done. Inspiring, actually. It captures the feel of the lifestyle shoot and this photographer's personal style on location. The montage at the end was great. There's obvious value in something like this to a potential client. The Strobist article has a lot more info about the photographic techniques if you're looking for more of a tutorial.

Nice enough ad for Chris, not much info though. Not sure how this qualifies as a BTS video other than it was shot behind-the-scenes.