Create Better Light and Airy Photos by Avoiding This Mistake

The light and airy look is a wonderful style and one that is highly popular with a lot of clients right now. However, many photographers trying to emulate it make a mistake that derails the image. This great video will show you the common mistake, how to fix it, and some helpful editing tips for getting the best possible results.

Coming to you from Chelsea Nicole Photography, this helpful video will show you how to improve your light and airy portraits and a common mistake to avoid. The light and airy look is a fantastic style and one with a lot of staying power, meaning that it will likely remain popular well into the years to come. The problem is that photographers often try to emulate it by overexposing the photo, which of course can lead to blown-out highlights and loss of details. But the light and airy style is not about losing details; in fact, in wedding work (one of the genres where it is most popular), you will want to retain details, especially in things like the bride's dress, which will be one of the first things to get blown out if you overexposed the image. Check out the video above for more.

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Brook Brown's picture

If “light and airy” presents itself, grab it. But then go back to the strobes; the only real solution to the limitations of dynamic range.

Rodi Almog's picture

First 6 minutes its Bla Bla.. then next its nothing new.

This is actually a pretty good video. And ‘Light and Airy’ photographers need to hear it. I don’t usually care for this style precisely because it’s usually all blown out and feels thin. But her work is quite different. She’s one of the few photographers who has actually mastered this style in a good way.

Matt Campbell's picture

"How to turn a 3 minute video into a 10 minute one" There. Fixed your title...