Few Quick Tips to Give to Your Business Headshot Clients

Few Quick Tips to Give to Your Business Headshot Clients

If you're getting into business headshot photography, have you considered providing a brief list of tips that will not only improve the quality of the images but also make your job easier?

Nobody can deny that nowadays first impressions often start as professionally appearing headshots online for clients, media, and headhunters to see. We all know that one person whose profile photo still is what could kindly be termed as a "potato quality photograph", so there's plenty of job opportunities to gain clients who are looking for good quality business headshots. 

As a photographer, undoubtedly, your job is to deliver a final result that showcases your client in their best light, however, before you arrive at the photo delivery stage, it's worth considering to compile a brief list of tips to guide your client in preparing for the shoot. Photographers from Decoy Media have prepared a useful resource that outlines the tips you should consider giving to your client and consequently help you deliver a great product every time. 

Firstly, everything starts with having a good sleep the night before your client's shoot. You probably have seen the effects that lack of sleep may cause on your model's mood and skin, but for someone who's never been in front of a professional camera, it's worth reminding that a good rest the day before will ensure they arrive relaxed, positive, and increase their radiance, both inwardly and outwardly.

By Joseph Gonzalez via Unsplash, used under Creative Commons.

Make sure you educate your clients on how to prepare their outfit(s) for the shoot. Decoy Media suggest an outfit that you would wear when meeting a potential client. Although you're only covering headshots, a full polished outfit will ensure that your client doesn't have anything other than professional, clean and well ironed clothes showing in the photo. Decoy Media also advise to let your glass-wearing clients know that if they wish to have their headshot photographed with no glasses on, they should remove them around 15 minutes before the shoot to reduce the appearance of marks left on their nose. For those wearing make up, light coverage is recommended, however, overall it's more important to have a true representation of yourself.

During the shoot, Decoy Media, recommend posing your client at a 45 degree angle to the camera and head facing back towards the camera. Good posture and confidence will create a strong image. Also, don't forget to advise your clients what to do, or rather, what not to do with their hands! Further advice concerns asking your clients to consider their "best side" and even rehearsing simple facial expressions in the mirror in preparation for the session.

You can see the full list of advice here. It may be useful to create a similar list either as a downloadable PDF or as an additional page on your website to refer your clients to and help them make the most of your photography session. End of the day, we can only work with what we're given so why not make the shoot even more pleasant and successful with just a few pointers?

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