Five Minute Photography Challenge Could Improve Your Images

Get ready, get set, and go. How a short five-minute exercise could help improve your photography and you could have fun doing it.

In this BTS video by Manny Ortiz and Ted Forbes, Ortiz and Forbes challenge each other to shoot five different images. The catch is each photographer has to shoot five different photographs of a model in just five minutes using only the items and buildings around them. While the concept isn’t anything new, it is a reminder that photography can be fun, especially when you involve a fellow photographer. But there is more to be had than just having fun. This little challenge can also help improve your photography.

There is always going to be a time when you must work fast to get a shot, or you need to think quickly for a concept for an image. You don’t have to be shooting a job for these skills to come in handy. Remember that family vacation when the family will only give you two minutes, yet they want the best photo ever to post to Instagram or to be used as this year’s Christmas card. By challenging each other and working under a self-imposed deadline you have a chance to sharpen both your technical skills and your artistic skills. Just remember to go back and study the photographs you took to learn more about what worked and what didn’t. 

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Eric Salas's picture

In no means am I insulting Ted or trying to by saying this but this was a clear example of a a photographer out of his element.

Much more would have come from this (IMO) if they broke down the mindset or vision of why they chose to shoot her a particular way and explained why Manny was able to flow better in the allotted time.

Hopefully they revisit this or someone does because there are so really valuable lessons to be taught here.