Five Tips to Radically Improve Your Portrait Photography

There are many small, simple steps, that you can take to drastically improve your portrait photography today. 

As a portrait photographer, I have developed many techniques over the years that I use on a daily basis with my clients to create images that are dynamic, dramatic, and have interest for the viewer. In my latest YouTube video, I discuss five tips that work both in and out of the studio, and that anyone, no matter where they are in their journey as a portrait artist, can do. For instance, part of my discussion centers around what focal length to use, and my choices for portrait lenses sometimes defy what people generally accept as the "correct" choice. I also discuss something that seems simple, but that can have a tremendous impact on your portraits – simply having your subject look away from the camera. This might seem simple at first, but the direction and angle of their face, as well as their eye placement, can result in portraits with a wide array of moods. I also discuss cropping, more specifically, cropping in close. There are more tips plus a bonus tip relating to camera settings at the end. I hope you enjoy the video!

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Pete Coco is a portrait photographer and musician based in New York. When not performing as a jazz bassist, Pete can be found in his studio working with a wide range of clients, although is passion is creating unique portraits of other musicians and artists.

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