How To Make Money Photographing Other People's Pets

Some of the best advice I've heard from successful photographers has been to develop as many means of making money with your photography so you can sustain your income down the road. While pet photography might not be the first area you might consider, Vicki Taufer is here to tell us why it's a great area to supplement your wedding, family, and portrait businesses. This Thursday through Saturday (July 26-28), creativeLIVE will stream Vicki's online workshop for free as she shares the ins and outs of a successful pet business.

I'll go out on a limb and say most of our Fstoppers readers aren't already actively photographing people's pets. Vicki's workshop might persuade you otherwise as she covers everything you need to know about the field of pet photography.

Not sure how to even start a pet portfolio? Vicki will teach you how you can include animals into your family, child and portrait sessions as well as gain free publicity and portfolio images by organizing charity events such as her Dog Days of Summer program. With the challenges facing photographers today, it's always a good idea to capitalize on other fields of photography that are desirable in your town. Vicki will teach you how how she created a new market for pet photography in her own town, and how YOU can do the same in yours. You can even chat with Vicki live throughout the event.

Vicki will be shooting on location and in the studio, covering lighting and posing, as well as marketing, business, selling the experience, and workflow. Check out the entire 3-day schedule over on creativeLIVE's sign up page.

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I shoot horses :)

That's awful!  Shame on you! ;)

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I've actually found that there are a lot of people paying big money to have portraits of their horses.  Maybe it's a southern thing but I've met at least two photographers and a painter where a large part of their businesses are based on capturing horses owned by breeders.  

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i live in England, and whilst theres a market for it i still enjoy working on the conceptual projects that are still taking time for people to like

You do know I was kidding, right? Playing on the 'shoot' piece, as in shoot dead with a gun. I've actually seen some local pet photography and it was fantastic. Nice niche market, I might have to dabble.

 Beautiful images!

Your images are amazing!

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Thank you

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Sweeeeeet! another fantastic creativeLIVE weekend!

Thank you this is awesome! I am actually in the process of putting together a pet photography business... not quite like hers, but this will be valuable anyway! I'm excited!

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3 days of that piercing screaming voice? That would be Jasmine-Star-like torture. I think I'm gonna pass on this one. And no, I don't like cats and horses.

Haha that family was sitting outside on a couch... with a turkey