'Idiot' Takes Selfie Every Day For 16 Years

The full name of this video is "Idiot continues to take daily self-portrait for 16 yrs despite better projects, longer projects, more popular projects, his face," and it's massively entertaining. JK Keller spent over 5,000 days taking photos of himself, and the result is fascinating.

Many of us have seen the selfie-a-day concept before, but this one is notable both for its length and humorous take. His droll expression set against frenetic music underscores his desire to make the images as "subtly objective" as possible, as he puts it. "I like to be able to extract a specific feeling from what should be an expressionless face. There are days when you can see a lot from the way the muscles are situated in the face. Granted, it is next to impossible to see these things when the images are so small, but trust that they are there." While the idea certainly isn't new (although Keller started this in 1998, so it's arguable that it was novel when he began it), his commitment to a long-term version of the concept and his execution set it apart. Seeing 16 years compressed into 3 minutes was very neat to watch. 

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[via The Creators Project]

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Paul Watt's picture

I don't know about anyone else, but that hair though......

Okay, I've seen enough. I stopped halfway through. I think I saw this on The Onion.

Patrick Hall's picture

If 16 years isn't crazy enough, his first video showing 8 years of this was posted on Vimeo in 2008. I'm not even sure when Vimeo started but this must have been one of the first videos posted there. I can't even imagine the dedication required to shoot a photo of yourself in the same lighting style every day for 16 years!

Oh and it's pretty fun to play the video and hit pause too

Rob Mynard's picture

A different title for this video could be "Man tries many looks over 16 years before settling on the glasses and facial hair of a serial killer".

Arun Hegden's picture

Wonderful. This has been quite a huge effort and patience to do the same would be god level. :o

What's funny is, I read a newspaper article about someone harassing people on the subway with a phone camera and they get called a "photographer". This guy does something inventive and creative and gets called an idiot.

Rob Mynard's picture

I know that pain...

Yang Shan Ting's picture

first time i see mustache dancing.