Irina Werning: The Creator of The Back To The Future Photo Trend

A few years ago, photographer Ze Frank started an online photo concept called Young Me, Now Me where he took current versions of old photographs. The trend was huge on websites like Myspace and Facebook and was sure to put a smile on your face. Well Argentinian photographer Irina Werning has taken this concept even further by creating images that replicate the scene exactly from the location to the wardrobe and even down to the lighting. Irina's series called Back To The Future is a awesome example of pushing your work into the mainstream by thinking outside the box and creating something everyone will remember (and can partake in themselves). If you have created an image like this, post it in the comments.

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Marvin Hagemeister's picture

Really cool project! Amazing to see how people develop while while retaining their characteristics! Truly inspiring!

Greate idea :) 

this is art, to make pictures with sence, wich give reflection and smile 

Incredible work, so, so impressed with how some of the scenes match up

So fun, great concept- she does a great job in post matching the old photographs' tones. Thank you for sharing.

That is absolutely awesome! I love the attention to detail she has. Makes me want to have a picture done like this now.