A Little Humor for Your Day - Fauxtographers and their DSLR's

Everyone knows "that" guy or girl who should have stuck with a point and shoot when picking out their camera. From the gear head to the overly enthusiastic "artist," Youtubers DSLRnoidea have a little fun with the type of people who really weren't meant to own a dslr.

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I'd like this a lot more if it wasn't a Sony ad campaign.

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It would have been nice if you'd pointed out that this was Sony, because while I like it, you clearly have no idea what you're posting.

Fstoppers seriously I hate to be a whiner but a fair share of the recent contributions appearing on your website have been of questionable quality or had some other issues. Double posts, photos of incredibly mediocre quality, now David not doing his homework. Get your act together please...

I can't agree enough! If people don't watch the post that you post, don't paste it second time, it won't make the difference! The quality from supporting, example giving site is gone! Nowadays you are like a celebrity-magazine of photography!

This is pretty funny.  Jeez guys now we only like Nikon and Canon viral videos? poor sony.

Serge I think the video is hilarious but the fact that it's a commercial  by a camera manufacturer (regardless of which one that might be) probably should've been mentioned don't you think?

Well it's part of a whole campaign. Each video ties you back to their youtube page. DSLR GEAR NO IDEA. There you can clearly see it's Sony. I don't think there's anything wrong with a company communicating something other than a straight up commercial. 
To make a successful viral video you can't make it all seem like a commercial. Sony takes a risk by doing that by the way, if it's anything like my last job, there were a bunch of nay sayers back at the office saying things like "were not mentioning our products at least 3 times" or "I just think it's a little "too" creative, people won't get it."

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It's ridiculous, if the video was from Canon or Nikon, you react different.

Serge I'm not talking about Sony here, they are free to advertise as they like. I'm talking about the role of FStoppers contributors in commenting on what they post, providing some context etc.  The Sony link is pretty obvious from the Youtube-page, but not if you just click play on this page here at FS. Right now to be fairly honest I think this whole post is little more than sharing a video like people do on Facebook, Twitter etc. I think it's part of the job description of a blogger to provide some additional information, context, opinion etc. Hey, don't get me wrong, it's not an outrage, but this just seems a bit too easy?
Michael, this has absolutely nothing to do with brands, I don't really care about camera brands, Nikon vs Canon and all that crap. I prefer just shooting.

It is funny and that's the point. In fact, I know people like that who shoots machine-gun style hoping 1 or 2 would turn out "good." Regardless of which company was behind the video, I could care less. If Canon made this, I'd react the same way.