Create The James Bond Gun Barrel Photo In Photoshop And Other Great Tutorials

I first met Glyn Dewis while we were both teaching at a Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas. He's a pretty nice guy and talented photographer/retoucher if you can get past the whole being British thing (kidding kidding). I figured this post would be very fitting since the new James Bond film is opening here in the United States this week. Learn how one can make the iconic James Bond gun barrel shot!

Glyn does a lot of Photoshop tutorials for free for those that regularly visit his blog and social media, which I highly recommend.

Visit Glyn's youtube page to see more of his tutorials and behind the scenes.

You can also follow Glyn Dewis on his TwitterGoogle Plus, or his blog. Make sure to check out his photography as well.

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Great Stuff!  Really really good!  Love this stuff.  No nonsense just to the point and his dialogue is awesome.  "Anyway, I gotta crack on"!  lol  

Funny, I had the same idea some days ago. :)

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another top tutorial from Glyn, really pleased to see him on Fstoppers at last, as Douglas says check Glyn's blog and Youtube page for loads of cool PS tutorials.

Nice work! But isn't the iconic image Bond seen through the barrel, not in the barrel?

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Cheers Buddy and yeah you're right but for the latest movie they changed things up. Check out the original Skyfall movie poster in this post:

Excellent tutorial!

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Cheers for the comments folks; made my day :)

Someone knows if there's any video/tutorial that show me the entire process of the image? Not just only the creation of the gunbarrel... Thanks!!! This looks pretty good.

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I am still waiting for Glyn's DVD. I will be first in line to buy!

many thank to u Glyn it was very very useful to learn from u 

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"step-and-repeat" = mind blown.

thank you, sir.