An Fstoppers Contest Update: Battle On The Racetrack

Within 24 hours of announcing the Fstoppers 2011 Behind The Scenes Video Contest, we were shocked to already have our first submission. Marc Kuyer from Holland had an idea to have small model cars battling each other like they were straight out of Rock and Roll Racing (super cult classic). Marc does a good job outlining his plans and showing you all the photoshopping that went into this final image. Of course we'd love to see everyone on camera but sometimes with language barriers you may have to stick with subtitles and text. So I guess it's safe to say right now Marc has taken the lead in our contest. If no one else steps up to the plate he will be moving on from small speed lights to a full studio worth of equipment!

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Ghislain Leduc's picture

Extremely original! Great idea, very nice concept and yes, very instructive!!! 

Garrett Graham's picture

Nice very fun!

Dope concept. Man that blur though. I would pull it back because it hurts the toy car effect. This guy is clever. Now go sell this to Hot Wheels. Nice job.

:) he should get a "LOCK CIRCLE" prize for being the first. And maybe something that has "FIRST" carved into it?

great idea, well presented and Fantastic final image.

Good video, music sucked.

Now that you bring it to my attention Rich, that music does really suck. Sounds just as bad as that Mortal Kombat music. SCORPION, RAIDEN, SUB ZEEEEEEERO! 

What a fun concept, thanks for sharing that with us!