How to Create a Polished Product Shot Using a Single Flash and Compositing in Photoshop

If you’re just getting into product photography, it may seem a bit intimidating. There are many techniques and a seemingly endless list of equipment that many photographers feel is required to get professional looking product photography. The list changes depending on who you speak with. In reality, product photography can be done quite easily, and with minimal equipment, if you have the know-how. 

Dustin Dolby from Workphlo recently made an excellent video tutorial wherein he shows us how he accomplishes polished and professional product photos using flash compositing. He does this by using only one speed light, a cheap diffusion disk and some post-production compositing in Photoshop.

Specifically, Dustin shows how easy it is to make a great product shot using the “lighten” blending mode within Photoshop. In a few short minutes, he’s able to composite together a shot that looks like it had a complex lighting set-up and that could be used commercially, though in reality he was only using his one speed light/diffusion disk set-up.

In the twenty-minute long video, Dustin not only shows the product shoot from start to finish, but he also goes through his entire post-production workflow, showing in detail how he is able to achieve the sleek commercial product photography look.


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Kyle Medina's picture

Did he literally just edited that as he shot? Damn

Ross Jukes's picture

Fstoppers, I'm not one for bashing websites for posting, shall we say, sub-par content, but I do see a lot of people posting negative comments. So it's only fair when I see something like this that is genuinely useful, easy to follow and hugely informative, that you & the creator get the credit they are due! Great job & thank you, so useful!

Mike O'Leary's picture

This is great. I've been following his channel for a while now and I love his presentation style. He's so clear about everything he talks about. No frills and all done use basic gear.