Jeremy Cowart Walks Us Through His Portrait Of Imogen Heap

Jeremy Cowart is the newest photographer to be featured as a part of Profoto's Master Series. In this video he explains his work flow of his well known Imogen Heap portrait. Jeremy thinks way outside the box with much of his work and he is a true artist at heart. Hopefully hearing him talk us through this shot will move you to find new ways to shoot whatever it is you do. Enjoy!

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Thats great... Only 95% is done on photoshop... are there no more photographers out there? seriously...... I think its time we have a different category. Photoshop-graphers. Lets have a challenge for the most creative photo with nothing but the hair/makeup/stylist and photographer.. no digital retouching what so ever....Photoshop is supposed to be a "tool" not a body part for a photographer.. lazy lazy lazy

Well by that logic we should just ditch our digital cameras all together right? Because it is just lazy to let a digital file get rendered by a computer. But then again that also means we shouldn't be using film SLRs either because its just lazy to let a lens help us out. We should all be using pin hole cameras right? I mean those are the real photographers aren't they? But even they cheat. They use their own eyes to position the camera, that just is ridiculous, they should be wearing a set of blind goggles while working. 
Photoshop, like the camera is tool in our arsenal that we use towards the goal of crafting an image. Spending dozens of hours editing in photoshop isn't lazy. In fact it is the photographers who refuse to use photoshop on the above grounds who strike me as lazy.Everyone uses tools in a different way. That doesn't make them better or worse. Just different. I think the fact that he shot the photo, then worked on the composite, and then put the composite up on a large display and re shot it again with a specialised lens to add a unique effect is not only very clever but it led to a wonderful and unique final image. (and the word lazy doesn't even enter my mind)Photoshop has added a completely new creative level to the art of photography that leads to the creation of fantastic images that would never have existed before. 

Someone seems to be too lazy lazy lazy to google him or at least to click on his name above...:) Right, sometimes he uses PS a lot, but the outcome is awesome and unique! Since he is a painter as well, we might let him use those brushes:)
Just check out what he does in a few hours at Kelby training, simply amazing!

If the goal is to create beautiful art [as opposed to the often much easier documenting of reality] then there is no point to arbitrarily limiting oneself to some tools but not others.  When I read posts like this I wonder if the author is just frustrated because the techniques involved require a skill set or level of creativity that he/she does not possess.

@facebook-694282177:disqus The camera is a tool as well, so is the mouse and everything else you use to create. Using photoshop and composed images is the way he creates... let not hate. lol

jeremy cowart is an amazing photographer and if you checked out his work you would see that this is one of the few situations when the image was predominantly composited. The fact that he thought outside the box and re shot the image with old cameras to add a unique texture is definitely the oposite of lazy, im all for getting it in camera but this particular effect could never be achieved in camera. 

I think there's at least two jealous people commenting here. I am one of them. But I'll admit it


So i watched a 3 minute "masterclass", only to find out he uses...layers?? Interesting he doesn't go beyond that with any further details. Really seemed like a way to lure people in to hit them with the profoto advertisement at the very end. His "technique" from the photo looks like multiple texture overlays. Big secret!  :)

Anyone who criticizes the application, misses the point. Photography is a vehicle to an art form, just as Photoshop is. All that matters is the final image. That's all that ever mattered. Some of it works, and some of it doesn't.

he could have achieved the same look without having to use all that Profoto fire power...