Korean Photoshop Page Is...Odd...To Say The Least

Korean Photoshop Page Is...Odd...To Say The Least

A Facebook page out of Korea, We Do Photoshop is somewhat of a...well I don't how to describe this exactly. After looking at the page, words have become difficult to muster on how to properly explain in detail what's going on over there.

It seems that the Facebook page (with over 36,000 thumbs up) was put together around the end of June so that people can upload their photos and request free photo manipulations. As a Westerner I gaze at these with a bit of a puzzled look, trying to wrap by mind around some of concoctions and wondering if it's all a joke or some cultural humor that I am missing.

Regardless, take a look around and see if it makes sense or if it should be chalked up to, "What the hell is that..."

korean4a Requests for "looking heroic in battle."


korean2 "The box hinders the mood in the picture. Please change the box to something like a treasure box and make the entire photo have a warm mood."

korean3 "Please put the pants over the socks to hide them. Also, recently I've been kind of down, so put some soju in front of me."

korean6 "This is a photo of me sleeping in a 24-person tent. The look of me sleeping inside on a top of rubber mat is somewhat sad. Please change it to a picture where I am sleeping on mattress with a celebrity"


korean1 "Please put me in a picture with Iron Man."

korean5 "Recently, my friend got married. Can you make this photo more congratulatory?"


Via Kotaku.com

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this just made my day... amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, perhaps I'm good after all ! ;)

It's just a joke.

My friend does a it of Ps for the student union and crazya** request that make no sense or are unclear gets answered with a dash of firery bears and obama with laser eyes (which is freakishly up to date but he's been doing it for a few years...)

Funny stuff!
This reminds me of this guy's work: http://www.photoshoptroll.com/

Meh, 4Chan has been doing this way longer..and with horrifying results.

Odd and quirky enough to be endearing (sort of)

I am just wondering why you do not think these are funny.

The war scene is priceless...

Hahaha, I should add awesome stuff like this into my retouching portfolio :D

looks like fark website photoshop contests