Liquify Basics: An FStoppers Post Production Tutorial by Sean Armenta

Hello Fstoppers! My name is Sean Armenta, and this is my little spot on Fstoppers called The Post Production Tutorial. If you enjoy these videos, feel free to subscribe to my new Fstoppers PPT Youtube Channel for the latest updates. I also do photography and retouching workshops over at Feel free to connect with me on the right side bar and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about retouching.

This time around I demonstrate how I use Photoshop's Liquify Filter. In putting this video together, I realized just how often I use liquify, whether it be to reshape clothing, hair, facial features, or even sometimes shadows. For now, we'll cover the basics to get you started and revisit this tool in a future episode.

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Once again, an amazing tutorial.

These videos go into great detail about tools that I've been wanting to know how to use, so thanks goes out to Fstoppers and especially Sean Armenta.

@Sean, If you were to come to Finland, I'd definitely attend your workshops :D

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Thanks for this one! I always felt bad for using liquify, for some reason :) But used in moderation, it's such a useful tool!

This guy is probably one of the most creditable people that posts on Fstoppers in my opinion. His tutorials are spot on and many of his techniques I picked up over the years from various people but never from one person like I could have with him.

His professional career is no joke either. He's one of the photographers for the clothing brand Wet Seal. I can see why they hired him. He's a top shelf me.

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Yeah we are excited to have Sean as a contributor here on Fstoppers. All of his videos are really great but this one might be the best yet. We have many more Fstoppers Post Production Tutorials coming each month so stay tuned.

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Top quality tutorial from Mr. Sean Armenta yet again. Keep up the good work sir!

You and Lee grow a decent beard but Sean Armenta is real sick nasty with the photography and practical retouching. Now to be honest, I would spend $150 on his tutorials. Maybe Fstoppers can do something like that. Its not often a person that works with major clients like Wet Seal so frequently help others.

"I can't shoot level hand-held if my life depended on it." - Hahaha!!! Same here! Very good tutorial. I use liquify all the time for every little thing and it's nice to see an actual informative tutorial about it.

Sean, In the photoshop process where do you use liquify. Example: A head shot. Normal editing then reshape the face?

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because liquify is a processor intensive operation, and also because you will get some pixel stretching regardless, it should be one of the first things you do. afterwards, continue with the skin clean up, etc.

Yet another great tutorial! FYI, in the beginning you pronounced "Wacom" as "Way-com" and it's actually pronounced "Walk-um". I notice a lot of the graphic designers I know mispronounce it. Obviously not a biggie, just thought you'd like to know!

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i know. i just think waycom sounds better.

Way better.

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are there a noticeable if you were to use liquify with a RAW vs JPG?

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nice tutorial. until i watched this, i always thought that the liquify tool couldn't be used because it overly distorted pixels.