New Mac Pro Design Gets The Photoshop Treatment

New Mac Pro Design Gets The Photoshop Treatment

Apple Computers has become the staple for photographers, videographers, and graphic designers everywhere (Stay strong, PC friends). In their recent press conference, Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro, and the design was considered eccentric to say the least. It didn't take long before the Photoshop users of the world to get their hands on the images, which make for some pretty hilarious results.

Looking like a modern style trash can, it was only a matter of time before people decided to throw it under the bus.  With the cylindrical design, the new Mac Pro looks to have better heat dissipation, which will drastically increase performance.  But is the world ready for the computer to be redesigned into cylinders? Only time will tell, but for now, people are having their fun with it.


[credit: @jeffcheong]
[credit: Andy Maxwell]
[credit: @zawatch]
[credit: @Sfor2a]
[credit: @youichi7imazeki]
[credit: @R246]
[credit: @martinklausen]
[credit: @youichi7imazeki]
[credit: Leonardo Vocino]

To see the unphotoshopped version of the impressive new Mac Pro, visit their website.

[via MakeUseOf]

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i like the tissues... for all the wiener playing that goes on at or around the computer :D

Love the darth vader one

Jayson Carey's picture

that one made me bust up!

This is great! they all fit so well!

Darth Vader and the ash tray are the winners.


Really funny :) But, actually, I dig the new design. I don't know why people are so afraid of something new. I'm not an Apple fan boy, but they have a +1 from me for being able to create something fresh on this market.

From an aesthetic and size perspective I really like the new design, but from a practically perspective I think it has problems; I don't buy workstations because they look cool, I buy them for their capabilities. My MacPro (early 2008) sits below my desktop work surface so I rarely look at it, but the main appeal to me is its expandability.

Actually the new design makes more sense from a functional point of view rather than aesthetics. The design is cylindrical because everything that produces heat (mainly the CPU and the GPU) can wrap around a single heat sink (rather than one for each heat source) more economic head dissipation also means that one fan can cool both the GPU and the CPU so it will make less noise.

Also I find it that people don't really know how much smaller this is in comparison to a current desktop tower, those images photoshopped above wouldn't even be possible because the cigarets and shrimps and sushi and flowers will have to be for ants.

Functional if you don't ever plan on adding a single upgrade.... ever. OR if you don't have kids. OR if you just agree with whatever apple says.

Otherwise, it's just another gimmick.

OBJECTION! Gimmick or not it makes logical sense to have one heat sink for everything :)

The one heat sink argument is like cars that don't carry a spare tire and tool kit.

It saves weight, more luggage space, etc...

But it IS less practical to pay a fat man in overalls 100$ to tow your classy car to the dealer...


I like the flower pond the best. Too bad none of these could actually be implemented without seriously impacting functionality.

Its a one very expensive ashtray

mac megaman