Photoshop Remote For The iPad Looks Promising

When the iPad was announced I laughed. I thought "this is just an over-sized iPhone that can't even make calls." I then figured out how to tether my DSLR to it and now I bring it on every shoot. Don't get me wrong, it does have some annoying quirks but when it does something well... it does it very well.

Adobe may take the iPad to the next level and make this "toy" an even more powerful tool for photographers. In the video below Shawn Welch shows us a quick run through of his new iPad app that will work directly with Photoshop on your computer. Below that are two videos of Adobe's work in progress. Maybe one day the iPad can will be able to compete with this.

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Sean Shimmel's picture

Hmmm.... still not sure.

I wonder if it's rather like Sketchbook Pro for Ipad... cool in every single way... except in actually using it.



at this point, editing an image completely on an iPad with Photoshots current UI would be a pain but this whole idea of using the ipad as a touch screen to help you work on a file on your computer is really exciting to me.