[Pics] Unbelievable Colorization Of Black And White Iconic Images

[Pics] Unbelievable Colorization Of Black And White Iconic Images

Some of the most iconic black and white images of our time, shown colorized by Sanna Dullaway, gives us a glimpse into how these images would have looked had they been taken in full color.

At first, I was just expecting another plain old restoration job. Then I started to scroll down through the set and I immediately realized how amazing these were. The thought of 'yeah I could do that' immediately dwindled away as I realized the sheer artistry involved in getting these to look as beautiful as they are. I immediately knew these were special.

Are they better in color or left in black and white? Which ones did you find better in color? 

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agree with your wife.
Some things are ment to be B&W :)

Very nice wor, I would love to see her in and the process at work.

How do you know what the right colours are, for example how do you know einsteins jumper was blue not green, is there a trick to working it out, for less obvious colours.