The SpyderX Create Kit: A Must Have Bundle for Professional Photographers

The SpyderX Create Kit: A Must Have Bundle for Professional Photographers

Datacolor has released a brilliant new bundle to help you manage your colors and deliver better results. The new SpyderX Create Kit includes the world's fastest display calibrator the SpyderX Pro along with several accessories including the ColorReader EZ. 

Color is Fundamental To Photography

Color or the use of color is one of the most important aspects of most works of art. This is especially the case with photography because color can add a whole new dimension to the feel or the emotional content of an image. Understanding how to use color effectively can take time and many of the technical aspects can be a bit of a struggle to get right. It's for this reason that automatic calibrators and color readers can be invaluable. 

Datacolor has recently announced a new and more affordable bundle called the SpyderX Create Kit. This kit includes a display calibrator which many photographers may be familiar with. This kit however takes things further by including a number of other tools to help improve your color workflow. 

ColorReader EZ

The ColorReader EZ is a remarkably useful product. It allows you to quickly scan almost anything to find out what its exact color is. With this information, there are several things you can do. For instance, If you're planning on color grading a series of images and would like them to remain consistent, this tool can be invaluable. When you scan something to read the color, the app for the ColorReader EZ can also give you information about complimentary colors. 

As you may be aware, using complementary colors when grading an image can really improve the overall results. The ColorReader EZ tool takes out much of the guesswork and allows you to be far more precise in how you edit and manage your images. 

Another benefit of the ColorReader EZ tool is demonstrated quite effectively in the video above. The cutlery in the video was one of the key subjects that needed to be photographed. Matching some of the features in the background to the cutlery would have been an arduous task without the reader. However, due to the reader, it was no problem finding the exact color to paint the wooden boards. The image below demonstrates how well you can use the reader tool to color match objects within the frame. 

SpyderX Pro

The Spyder series of display calibrators are some of the most popular options on the market right now. This is mostly because the results it produces are brilliant and the software is easy to use and incredibly intuitive. The SpyderX is the latest and most advanced Pro series calibrator from Datacolor. One of the key benefits this model has over its predecessors is the speed is its improvements in speed. The SpyderX Pro can fully calibrate a display in approximately one minute and 30 seconds. This is especially useful if you need to calibrate multiple displays. 

In the review we performed for the SpyderX Pro, we described it as being one of the best display calibrators on the market. The speed, effectiveness and ease of use makes this calibrator a must have for professionals. The key benefit is obviously the fact that your display is going to be more accurate. This is especially important if you're working on color critical projects or if you plan on grading your images for effect. 

Included Accessories

Along with the calibrator and the color reader, Datacolor included a few other useful accessories. These are the Spyder Tripod (mini tripod), the Spyder Shelf (a storage shelf for the top of a monitor) and the Spyder USB-C. The shelf is pretty straight forward in how it can be used. It attaches on to the back on your main display and offers you additional storage. This can be used to hold the SpyderX Pro so it can continue to effectively monitor the ambient light or you can use it for any other accessory you prefer. 

The Spyder Tripod is something many photographers find useful. It's a great tool to have on you whenever you're out and about shooting because it can allow you to take stable shots with your camera almost anywhere. It can also be used to hold other accessories such as the Spyder Cube RAW calibration tool if you already own one of those. It has a maximum weight capacity of 275g so although it may not be able to hold the heaviest of cameras, it can be extremely useful for smaller lighter weight devices. 

Finally the Spyder USB-C accessory. This essentially lets you adapt USB-A cables to USB-C ports. It can be used with Mac, PC, Android devices and even the iPad Pro. 

A Bargain for a Limited Time 

The SpyderX Create Kit is available to purchase for just $199.99 through 11/19/2021. It's currently only available to customers based in the US and can be purchased using this link here

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