Swift Galleries: One of The Hottest New Programs for Photographers

I absolutely love seeing the photos I have taken hanging up in my client's house. However, I dread the time it takes to get together and try to sell large prints or canvases as I know I could be using the time for other things. Finally, I've found a solution that I am super excited about that will make the experience for both my clients and I enjoyable, quick and easy. The end result is a win-win for both of us. Swift Galleries is about to change everything!

The best way to sell large prints or canvases to clients is by showing them how it looks on their wall. Often once they see a sample on their wall they realize the size isn't big enough or they decide that they would prefer to have mutiple canvases together rather than just the one lonely one up by itself. Unfortunately scheduling a time to meet up with clients can be difficult, or like me you might live 45 minutes from the city which means you now have to schedule 3 hours out of your day. Finding that extra time is nearly impossible. 

What if you could take this whole process and condense it down to just minutes?

What if you could help clients visualize what the different wall art would look like exactly in their house, on their walls and try different combinations before they buy?

What if the clients could then order the wall art with a single touch of the button with the prices you set and have it delivered direct to their home? 

All your answers can be found in the new Swift Galleries. The program allows you to upload photos from any browser and then choose different combinations and sizes of wall art to overlay on top of a photo of your client's own home walls. As their photographer you can create different combinations that you think look great and then invite your clients to review and even make changes themselves. Once they got what they like they can order direct from inside the system and the art will get printed through one of the best labs in the country, ProDPI. Check out this short video to see exactly how it works. 

What I love about the program is that I can now encourage my clients to buy large prints for their homes and serve them by showing exactly what it will look like before they even purchase anything. I can also let them have the freedom to make changes, try different combinations and choose the photos they want. As I mentioned in the beginning of the article I was never one to get excited about selling large prints, but after sitting down with the developer and watching him walk through the process in just minutes I was stoked. I immediately wanted to get my hands on the program and start using it to decorate my own house. I realize this same excitement is going to carry over to my clients as well and I am certain I will see a huge increase in wall art sales. Win-win for everyone!

The pre-launch demo I saw of Swift Galleries confirmed to me that the program is working perfectly and they are just weeks away from taking it live. I truly can't wait to start using it! While the pricing hasn't been released yet the developers did give me an idea of where it would be and I was shocked at how low it was. I honestly expected it was going to be 2x or 3x more than what they were discussing. 

If you want to learn more about Swift Galleries when it launches be sure to use your email sign up for early access. By signing up with your email you will get to be one of the early ones to have access to the program before others when it launches. In addition, there are rewards for getting in early and sharing with others including free months, discounts and more. Once you get to the website just look for the "Join Them" button or field that says "Sign Me Up."

It feels a bit strange for me to be so excited about finally finding a solution to sell large wall art to my clients that I actually love! I will be waiting anxiously over the next few weeks to get the email that announces Swift Galleries is live and ready to use.

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Subrata Guhamajumdar's picture

What about the wall templates? Are those generic or image of client's wall can be uploaded?

Chris Scott's picture

Swift Galleries comes with a handful of wall photos (that are all pre-calibrated) for you to use. Additionally, your client can upload a photograph of their wall as well, then easily calibrate it to see their photos on their own walls, at the right size.

Eric Mazzone's picture

If you've looked at Preveal for the iPad this is basically the same system only where your clients can do it from home so you don't have to do in person sales.