500px Announces a New Portfolio System and New Prices

500px Announces a New Portfolio System and New Prices

500px took the industry by storm in 2010 when it was released to the public. It seemed to have all the best parts about flickr, without the messiness. Since then, it has grown to be among the most popular portfolio websites available for photographers, and they're about to do another overhaul, at a price of course.

Specific details on the changes have not been released, but screenshots show that fully editable themes may be on the way. Currently, only themes are able to be selected, and have a limited amount of of changes that can be made to them. While the features are yet to be announced, 500px has made mention of giving limited previews to select members.




These themes are currently, and will continue to only be available to their paid members with an ‘Awesome’ account. Aside from making the push to further increase their paid members numbers, 500px also announced that they will be raising the prices of their services starting May 1st. Plus memberships will be increased to $25 a year (from $19.95) and Awesome account are raising to $75 a year (from $49.95).



The good news is that you can currently upgrade your account now for the respected $50/$20 prices, but make sure to do it before May 1st, if you’re looking to get it at a lower rate.


[via 500px]

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Tam Nguyen's picture

OH I like the fact that you can customize the code.

heheh, remember to close all them' curley brackets!

Im surprised...as someone with an Awesome account, I'm surprised they're raising the price. There better be some supa fantastic amenities to justify the increase...and customizable templates aint it.

ugh pricey.

Looks like still no blog feature for the portfolio. Shame.

Pete B's picture

Most Awesome account users will drop down to Plus, they'll lose money...

Pete B's picture

Plus custom coding will make for a less uniform look. More messy in fact, a bit like another website they swerved away from initially. Seems backward to me.

RBRT MCHL GRY's picture

I actually am looking forward to this change. I'm already an Awesome member so the upgrade isn't going to cost me anything, until I renew in a years time. If I'm able to create a fully customized website that I can link to my own domain, sure as hell beats paying double what they're asking just for hosting my own site.

People complaining about it becoming messier and less uniform, only the portfolio part looks to be code-able so what will look messy won't even be fully integrated with the site.

Good on 500px for having the balls to listen to their users and give us a portfolio section that we can actually use as a portfolio.

I wouldn't worry too much about their pricing. They do pretty regular offers, plus Blurb credit. I got the Awsome upgrade with their Thanksgiving offer for 25 with 50 to spend on books - which was perfect timing with Xmas shopping ahead.