The Five Most Ridiculous Products for Photography

The Five Most Ridiculous Products for Photography

From time to time, we’re graced with a new product that completely changes our workflow and makes our lives as photographers a hundred times easier than it was before. However, this luxury isn’t always the case, and we’re sometimes graced with some of the most ridiculous products imaginable.

Working at Fstoppers, I’m often searching the internet for new and exciting products to post here for everyone to see. However, new and exciting aren’t always the terms to use for my findings. Here are some of the most ridiculous findings I’ve came across.


1.) iStabilizer Monopod


Certainly handing your phone to one of the people on the streets and asking them to take a photo of you is out of the question, so it only makes sense to carry around an extendable pole to take all those selfies your heart can desire.

[SkyMall $34.95]


2.) DSLR Wheel of Filters


Do you like the luxury of shooting photos with a DSLR, but hate having your photos coming out crisp and looking nice? Well thank god for the DSLR Wheel of Filters then. Now you’re able to have all the inconveniences of carrying around a DSLR while still being able to take lackluster photos with awful tones and terrible sharpness.

[Photojojo $40]


3.) Photorito Lens Wrap

12 photorito 088

Have you ever wanted to protect your lenses while making them look like a burrito? have? ...Really? Well, uh, I guess this is the gear for you then.

In all seriousness though, who thinks of a product like this, and how does it go into production without anyone saying “Hey, this is a terrible idea.”?

[Photojojo $20]


4.) iPad Telephoto Lens


If you've shot a wedding in the last couple years, you've inevitably ran into the iPad photographer. That's right, people are actually using the cameras on their iPads out in public, and usually ruining a photo or two at each wedding in the process. Now they've only added to the problem with a telephoto lens attachment for the iPad, because purchasing a cheap point and shoot camera wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.

Not only is this product ridiculous, but it also openly admits to “add[ing] just a bit of vignetting and a dreamy lo-fi look.” That’s just clever talk for “Makes your photos look bad."

[Photojojo $25 Available for the iPad and iPad Mini]


5.) Manfrotto KLYP LED Lights for iPhone

Stop. Just stop. No one is using their iPhones for professional quality video productions, so there is no need for products like this to encourage such a market. If you are using your iPhone for professional video productions, perhaps its time for you to retire from the business. Don't get me wrong, the camera on many cell phones these days are great, but the functionality of them is limited, and certainly there are better options out there to use. Lets just use our iPhone cameras like they're intended, for sexy Snapchats, and silly Vines. Why is a tripod/monopod company making LEDs anyway?

[Manfrotto/Amazon $69.88-$119.88]



These are just a couple products I've ran into recently, and certainly there are more out there. If you know of a ridiculous product, feel free to post about it below in the comments.


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Hardly products for real photography... iPhoneography is not photography.

Well said- I completely agree, it baffles me that it's even a category.
Phones are for quick photos, random, in the moment sort of like those
small disposable cameras used to catch those family/funny moments in
everyday life and should be treated as such. I do apologise if anyone
thinks differently but that's basically all phone photos are.

that's what "they" said when 35mm came in. Just saying

or the whole toy camera craze.. to each their own..
I have Dslr, point and shoot, and iphone, and garmin gps unit with 5 mpix camera..

when not using my DSLR i never use my point shoot my iphone takes better pictures most of the time then point and shoot

Ha! Or what painters said when the camera was invented.

Zach Sutton's picture

Those iPhones are winning a lot of money in photography contests these days...

This is more of a statement about contests than it is about iPhones.

I agree these products are trivial. But "iphoneography is not photography" is silly. For all the talk all over this site and the rest of the web about "its not about the gear you use..." there sure is a lot of hate for people using a camera that happens to be a phone as well.

Iphoneography shouldn't even be a word! We're not canonographers? or nikographers? Maybe if we work hard and make lots of money one day we can be hasselblographers.

Its all photography. They all produce photographs.

Film guys knock on dslr users, dslr users roll there eyes at the film guys and knock on iphone users, Iphone users bask in the glory of hundreds of thousands of followers and no back problems in 20 years....

I just don't understand why people feel like iphones are taking away from their craft. You don't have the same clients. At least if you do and you talk like this you should be looking for bigger fish to fry.

To each his own obviously. But damn.

You couldn't have worded this more perfectly! I completely agree.


Said a crotchety old geezer who has probably been photographing film for 30 years and doesn't like those "new fangled gadgets".

Seriously, piss off. The best camera is one that you have with you. What you said is what every photographer in history has said when a new medium or format has arrived. B&W film users knocked on Color film. Analog knocked on digital. And guess what? Every single one of them was just as wrong as you are now.

Not to log ago, someone said the same about digital photography.

It was true then.

Trevor Dayley's picture

How dare you call the burrito lens wrap ridiculous!

Zach Sutton's picture

I know its your must have product, Trevor...but it just doesn't make the cut in my eyes...

Great! Now I want a burrito.

Think of the clandestine restaurant photography you could do!

If it actually held the body too. ;)

Well since film is about 98% dead (and i shoot often on my Holga & Diana F+ film cameras) a DSLR Holga adapter alternative is nice. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Zach Sutton's picture

In all seriousness, I'm glad it works well for you, I just see the photo of it and cringe.

Perfect. Great finds guys. I already have the ACME DIY Tornado kit and the ACME DIY Surgery kit- these will be welcome additions to my collection of must have items.

Christopher Johnston's picture

For reporters doing quick videos from a location, the video lights make a lot of sense.

Wow These are some winners (Or should I have said wieners _oh wait that is the people who buy this stuff!)

most of those are meant for the new Photo Dept at the Chicago Sun Times

Actually The tortilla one isn't bad for hiding the camera if you live in a place like I do in which Cameras attract authorities and arrests (Egypt *hint hint*)

I think the firs one's not so ridiculous and actually makes sense. When my wife and I travel, our usual problem is how to have our pictures taken together. We won't entrust our unlocked phone with all important information and contact in it to a total stranger who could easily run away.

I am 70 and have been a professional photographer since 1965. Had the Camera 35 cover and a story about me in 1967. Not famous then or now but I do know a few things. 1-Zach Sutton is not funny. 2-The Stealth iPole rocks. Nobody gives a s**t about what professional photographers think. I have a phone with a camera, a Lumix ZS15 that always goes with me and a bag of old and new professional equipment that sits on a shelf until someone pays me enough to take it down. Check out

But when you are at Serendipity and want to show your grandson how cool grandpa is, you whip out the iPole and take his picture from above the Tiffany shades. It is a very useful gadget. Get one!

You found these on the Photojojo site, didn't you. ;)

Sigh, Fstoppers has run out of things to post about like Petapixel.

OMG - I WILL get one of those Burrito lens covers for sure :)) I think it's a great idea tbh. I sure would make as a great and funny gift for a photographer.

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