Funny New Commercial From Canon - "Inspired"

Gearing up for the holiday season Canon released a funny new commercial advertising their T4i camera. I really enjoy how companies these days are focusing on videos that gain viewers through creativity and humor rather than pop down millions on a celebrity or buying a prime television commercial ad. I believe all of us can relate with this video and insert ourselves into many of the clips. Take a minute and enjoy their latest commercial just released; then be the first to share it with your friends.

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Hilarious! Canon did a great job with this one!

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I agree. Really funny clip. 

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Nice. Camera companies sure know how to hire the best ad agencies. Love this one.

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Awesome. And they do have a point: it's the people who are willing to do absurd things and go through hell that capture the most interesting moments. 

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I could easily relate!! i love this

this reminds me a lot of that recent Sony commercial that pokes fun at gear-heads but I think they did a far better job. Sony's just poked fun but this one is more relate-able, It shows just how crazy we can look to others and then the gems that we (sometimes) get from that.

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