I Just Bought The iPhone 5 For $40.

I Just Bought The iPhone 5 For $40.

I use my iPhone camera more than any other camera I own. It is on me all the time and is so convenient to quickly share photos from. Even on photo shoots I always find myself pulling out the iPhone for a couple BTS snaps or video. I have had the iPhone 4 since it came out and it has been showing it's age. I heard of a way to get an iPhone 5 for the cost of sales tax, and so I decided to give it a shot tonight.

Currently Best Buy has the iPhone 5 on sale for $150 (upgrade price), but they also price match, and until mid-January Walmart has the iPhone 5 on sale for $127. So I strolled into a Best Buy tonight and showed the guy an article I found stating the sale price of the iPhone 5 at Walmart, he called a manager, and they agreed to price match it. So now I am already in at $127 for an iPhone 5 with my upgrade. Well if I got the 5 I would have no use for my 4, and Best Buy has a trade in program as well. Seeing as my iPhone 4 would yield me a return of $140 with the charger, I decided to jump on it. The only catch to all of this is that you still have to pay sales tax on the full retail price, which brought my total to $180. This total will vary depending where you live and what sales tax is, but hey, $40 for an iPhone 5 is a great deal in my book!

They will give you more for an iPhone 4s (a friend told me he got $250 for his), so if you are due for an upgrade and you have an iPhone 4 or 4s in good condition, go down to Best Buy and get the cheapest upgrade you'll find just about anywhere. Don't forget to mention the price at Walmart to save yourself a few more dollars!

PS If you don't want an iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is on sale for $150 (upgrade/new contract price) as well. You won't get the extra savings from price matching, but that's still a good price, especially if you are trading in an iPhone 4 or 4s.

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Ryan Scott Welsh's picture

Great advice man! Thanks for the price match reminder! Enjoy the 5!

RUSS's picture

is the 5 worth the money to upgrade to from the 4 and 4s? 

Benicio Murray's picture

 Is it worth the $40? I would say absolutely.

4, yes. 4S. Not so much. Unless you have an upgrade.

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 It is substantially faster than my iPhone 4 was, both the network, LTE vs 3G and the hardware itself. I cannot speak on the 4s, but the screen size is nicer IMO, and my buddy who upgraded from the 4s likes his 5 much more.

I just got the iPhone 5 myself. I traded in the 4 and had $65 in gift certificates printed out from the Best Buy reward zone so I paid $0. It blew my mind how much faster it is than the 4. Oh yea and LTE is nice too.

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I haven't paid for an iPhone since the 3G. I bought the 3G for $199 when it came out. I skipped the 3GS. When the 4 came out I immediately bought it and sold my 3G to someone in New Zealand for $300 on ebay. A year and a half later, I had to get my 4 replaced and Apple was out of my model so they had to auto-upgrade me to a 4S from the Genius bar. When the 5 came out I bought that and sold my 4S to someone in Thailand for $400. BOOM! It's all in how you play the game...

lol, in Indonesia you can sell your 4s at USD 550 MINIMUM! This country is crazy for iphone...No wonder Indonesian people sell iphone 5 for USD 1,100!! That's crazy! This post proves you http://www.kaskus.co.id/post/50d86ed28027cf9833000088#post50d86ed28027cf... (look for iphone 4S)

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Great post! I wasn't even considering going to get a new phone any time soon, but I did this and got my wife and I iPhone 5's and walked out of Best Buy with only spending $40. Plus I got screen protectors, so 2x iPhone 5's with screen protectors for $40. We had iPhone 4's and also got $140 for each. Crazy. Again, I appreciate the post, if I wouldn't have seen this I'd still be rocking that iPhone 4.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 Woohoo! I'm stoked someone else jumped on this deal too.

Did everyone blindly skip the part that mentions a trade-in for an iPhone 4 as part of the cost?
Should be "I Just Bought The iPhone 5 for $40 AND Traded In My iPhone 4" no doubt.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

That title is too long. The title is supposed to summarize the post, and then you READ the post for the details.

Thanks for the input, sorry if you felt mislead...

Get in touch if you ever need an editor, it seems whoever writes your headlines is a bit shabby if that's the best they could do. Merry Xmas.

Yea I am sure they really want an editor with the name Hung Low. Real creative.

 Gotta agree with HungLau. It's super misleading. Of course you can "trade in" or even sell your older model iPhone and get a cheaper new one.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 Well this Best Buy trade in program was news to me, and as it had never been posted here before I assumed it would be news to some of our other readers. In fact I have had two people tell me they took advantage of it since reading this.

Sorry I didn't post something you didn't already know about, and I am sorry the title didn't take up 3 lines of text so you didn't have to bother reading the post at all.

Don't apologize to them they are just trolling.

 Not trolling. Trading in my valuable iPhone 4s + $40 for a iPhone 5 is different than just buying an iPhone 5 for $40.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

If you owned an iPhone 5, what value would your 4s still hold to you? Probably not much. I have a stack of old iPhones that were once valuable to me, that are now no better than paperweights.

 Amazingly enough I read the whole post and didn't feel mislead at all. It's crazy what happens when you READ.

 I *also* read the whole post. The TITLE is misleading.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 I still don't think it's misleading. I think you just need a reason to get upset online about something. A bunch of people have now emailed me or commented on this post thanking me for the info. You for some reason are the only one who wants to make some big deal out of this being misleading. I didn't trick you into getting rid of your phone, so stop whining about it. You seem to have some sort of preconceived notion of entitlement issues and feel I have wronged you, which I have not.

At the end of the day the title works because, I paid $40 for an iPhone 5, the rest of the details on HOW I did it were in the post.

I'm not going to continue to argue with you anymore, so post whatever you want in reply to this. It is just a damn shame that I feel good about sharing some helpful information like this with our readers and you have to come along and argue semantics. I'm glad most people read this and didn't feel mislead, and many of them went ahead and took advantage of the deal.

Have fun with your iPhone 4s that holds so much value to you, I'm going to go play on my iPhone 5 now.

Happy Holidays.

 You mad bro?

"Oh my god, I had to read the whole post... WAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"


Bryan Petty's picture

Don't worry I called him a WAAAMBULANCE.

What size was this 16., 32, 64?

Fabian Pourmand's picture

The only thing that sucks is that if you upgrade and your a Verizon customer then you lose your unlimited data plan...

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 Yea I was informed of this yesterday too. I am grandfathered in under the old AT&T unlimited data, but that's a bum deal for Verizon. Either way someday you'll need to upgrade and you'll lose it which is a bummer... Unless of course you pay full MSRP for phones from here on out.

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