Leica Introduces Tripod, Camera Mounts

Leica Introduces Tripod, Camera Mounts

Ideal for mounting Leica X- and M-system cameras, Leica's new 24/38 ball heads and new carbon tripod provide the same high-quality precision engineering typical of the storied German brand. Well suited for travel and location work, the 2.6-pound carbon fiber tripod when matched with one of the ball heads extends to five feet high and collapse to 1.7 feet when packed.

The 24 ball head can support weight up to 26 pounds while the 38 can support 52 pounds. The 38 features a locking panorama feature that rotates in 15-degree intervals for precise 360-degree capture. A TILT button allows for a tilting video head that can be customized for a two-way tilting motion.

The tripod and ball heads will be vailable at Leica authorized dealers this month.

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We'll have a full review of the entire lineup shortly!

Am I the only one thinking, that the price is seriously high? 525$ the tripod and the "smaller" head is 285$?!?

It costs $200 alone just to print the logo on these things.

Leica doesn't print it's logos. The Leica logos get painted on there, by virgins. ;)

I go through tripods like toothpicks! $500 is beyond absurd!

I suspect either that is because you are buying cheap, low quality tripods or that you doing something with them that is pretty abusive. A good, well made, tripod can last many years.

I still have my cheap Induro that I bought years ago when I first started shooting and that thing has followed me up mountains in forty below weather and it still is in pretty good shape. (Though I rarely use it anymore as it was never the sturdiest of tripods)

I just don't see the difference between a $100 tripod and a $500 tripod. Please don't let me stop you from spending this money. If you think $500 is a reasonable price for 3 sticks then place that order. I go through them because sometimes they will get blown off a cliff and land near molten lava in Hawaii while I'm changing lenses, or sometimes I will leave them behind as I'm over the weight limit and choose to keep the more expensive gear. There are many reasons I like to keep tripods semi-disposable. I have a $100 Oben and it holds my camera perfectly still but if I should lose it or damage it I'm not going to feel sick if the same thing happened to an absurdly priced Leica product.

To each his own but personally I find the difference between a nice sturdy, well made, carbon fibre tripod to be night and day different from a cheaply made aluminum one. Especially so when comparing a really good head to a crappy one as well.

I feel like being able to avoid circumstances you describe above to be pretty easy so it really isn't an issue. Iv never lost or broken a tripod.

Summed it up perfectly! To each his own.

You must not depend on the quality of your images ofr your living.
I tried first and super long exposure on Gitzos, Sirui and other chines copy.
It all comes down to how the tripods absorbs vibration. And they is no simple (read cheap) way of modelling how it reacts when on a bridge, near a passing street etc...
But I agree with you, for what I do with my tripods (fun, hobbism and leisure), I can't justify a Gitzo...

Ripping of people... Leica boss!!

Ahah! i'm getting used to Leica's jokes! They are better and better!

wow. now they are just literally slapping their name on another company's products. (FLM in this case).

I bought my induro tipod at about $200 with head and it's tank. I've had this baby fer 4 years now. Still a fantastic piece of kit! I see no need to spend ludicrous amounts of green backs on a label.

Nope got beike and manfrotto and still love them. The cheaper beike more as it has a rotating option that the manfrotto does not have.

I'm at a loss as to why everyone thinks $500 for a tripod is super expensive? That is about par for the course for a high end carbon tripod. To be honest I was expecting Leica to be charging something like $2,000 when I read the original headline.

Feisol tripods range from about $400 to $650
Gitzo Carbon Fibers tend to be over $600
Really Right Stuff tripods start at about $800.

BH Photo has 50 Carbon Fiber Tripods for various companies in the $500-$1000 price point.

While, yes, I'd say tripods are over priced, like pretty much all other photography accessories but Leica isn't exactly pricing way out of the common market like they do with their lenses and cameras.

That is exactly what I was thinking. Paying 1000$ for a tripod that you going to keep for the rest of you life is a pretty good deal. Of course if you are not an hardcore landscape photograph, that might not be the best investment.

Other than that what bugs me the most is the fact of using a tripod on a leica M xD. But I guess it's another question.