LifePrint Makes and Shares Photo Prints

LifePrint is a Kickstarter project looking to change the way people share their images. The device prints instant, Polaroid-esque, photos off iOS and Android devices through their proprietary app. While the printer technology is interesting in itself, there's something about this project that could really change the way we share photos.

In addition to simply making prints off the app, LifePrint allows you to share pictures through a new social network. According to their campaign page, the app will allow users to follow your favorite photographers, musicians, models, etc. and make prints off of the LifePrint platform. The campaign page does note that the user has the option of making the printer private, meaning friends and followers can't see / download / print your photos.Austin_Rogers_Fstoppers_Lifeprint_Social_Photo_Printing_1

The printer itself appears to be pretty high quality (making 3x4" images, significantly larger than the approximately 2.1x3.4" Fuji Instax images) and can accommodate two types of films, b+w and color. They report that the printing process will be thermal which will yield good quality, though the final process won't be announced until after the Kickstarter.


At $100 for the "early bird" limited edition this product beats out its closest competition, the Fuji Instax printer which retails for just under $200. Their film also appears to be relatively inexpensive at an estimated starting price of  a $20 30-print-pack (~$0.67 each). As seen below, you can print in three styles: vintageno border, and thin border.


The LifePrint Kickstarter campaign has only 13 days from today (04/11/2014) left. The folks at LifePrint set a lofty goal of $200k and are well over half way at the time of this publication, things are looking pretty good. But time is running out on this project. You can check it out here.

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