Nikon Announces the Nikon D610

Nikon Announces the Nikon D610

The rumor mills have been buzzing, and Nikon has finally answered the rumors with the announcement of the Nikon D610. The main upgrade for the D610 is the shutter mechanism, after addressing the “oil-like leak” on the sensor from the D600 model. Other enhancements include a small jump in burst speed, and some new weather sealing advancements.

Specs of the Nikon D610 -
Sensor: 24.3 MP (6016 x 4016 in L mode)
ISO range: 100-6400
AF: 39 focus point, 9 cross type, 33 point available at f/5.6
Viewfinder coverage: 100%
TTL exposure metering using 2,016-pixel RGB sensor
Video recording capabilities: 1920 x 1080 30p/25p/24p
LCD screen: 3.2", 921k dots
Battery: EN-EL 15, using the same MB-D14 battery grip
Dimension: 141 x 113 x 82 mm
No Built-in GPS or Wi-Fi capabilities
6fps (compared to 5.5fps in the D600)

It seems the only difference besides the fix of the shutter is the increased frame rate (from a previous 5.5fps on the D600 to 6fps on the D610) and weather sealing comparable to the Nikon D800 camera body. Judging by the minimal changes, you can expect to see the now obsolete D600 bodies to start hitting retirement soon.

Fstoppers Nikon D610 1

Fstoppers Nikon D610 2

Fstoppers Nikon D610 3

Fstoppers Nikon D610 4

For those looking for a lot more detail, you can read more at
The Nikon D610 is available for purchase at B&H Photo, and for only $2000 MSRP, which is less than the D600 originally sold for. [Nikon D610 Body Only] [Nikon D610 w/ 24-85mm Lens] [Nikon D610 w/28-300mm Lens] [Nikon D610 w/24-85mm and 80-300mm Lenses]
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buggers. my D600 sensor is spotty as all hell.

does it have 1 button 1:1 preview like the D700/D800?

Does the D600 not have that? whaaat

from a marketing point of view they're doing it right (and wrong). I'm holding my purchase and yet the D800 looks so tempting up there... S$1000 more for 1 button preview... and a whole lot more camera that i may not necessarily want

I'm curious to know that too. They added it to the 7100 but it was not on the 7000 so I'm cautiously optimistic. it's very noticeably missing from the 600

now obsolete? Come on...

People use the word 'obsolete' in such a wrong context nowadays. Annoying as hell

Thanks a lot for the info. Can you clarify a bit on what do you mean by 'you can expect to see the now obsolete D600 bodies to start hitting retirement soon'? Does it mean the price of the new D600 bodies will drastically go down or the users will start replacing with D610 flooding second hand market with D600?

In the sense that they'll be replacing stock of the D600 with the D610 soon...much like the t4i with the t5i

Thank you, any hints about upgrade to D700? VR version of 300 mm F4 etc?

But the t2i/t3i/t4i/t5i are entry level cameras with entry level prizes. Plus, they'll need to upgrade this bodies to see which features they use the most and upgrade the full frame or high end bodies.
Most of the upgrades done to the 6D was thanks to this, entry level full frame with extreme iso performance, low light focusing and many other features (wifi / gps).

I'm speaking in the sense that the t4i has problems with its grip that focused it to need repair, so Canon rushed out the t5i which is basically the same camera with very minimal upgrades, but also fixed the problem of the t4i.

The D610 is basically a fixed replacement with the D600. The specs are nearly identical, but they fixed the leak onto the sensor issue.

Pentax release the most advanced apcs camera to date which had lots of major upgrades over the older model yet nothing.

Nikon Fixes there badly designed d600 with a minor updated camera and makes the news here.

Tbh nikon should be offering free or greatly discounted cameras to the d600 owners after selling them a defective product.

Do you mean the K5 iis?

K-3...uses the built-in SR to do a virtual AA filter so that non-AA mode is really sharp (the D800E actually has an inverse AA filter so that's why it's not a lot sharper than the plain D800)...

plus the whole host of other upgrades..

like 25af points (24 cross type) and three f2.8 that works down to -3ev
new 100% 0.95 ovf with new coatings to give 15% brighter view.
Dual SD card slots, usb3.
Wireless tethering with optional SD card including liveview
Full manual movie mode with audio out and audio control
8.3fps upto 21frames

It seems they upgraded everything apart from the flash sync which is still at 1/180 and not sure if the flash system has been upgraded or not but I guess we will find out soon.

Pentax announced the K3 yesterday

When it comes to still photography technological advancement has come to a halt. Actually nothing new at all had emerged over the last years in Nikons realm.
My spare Nikon D300 easily holds up against D7100 and the likes. With respect to certain properties it even exceeds some of the later models. Just because latest models do have 24 MP doesn't mean their image quality is far (!) superior under all circumstances.

Mind you we are talking about a 2007 (!) model.

However what is intriguing because of flying under the radar is the progress in RAW development sw. While early versions of Lightroom didn't do a lot to enhance image quality latest version LR5 unearths the very last bit of information buried in RAW files.

Nikon and Canon should more decidedly attempt to push the envelop to lure prospecting buyers to go for new models. I yet have to see a feature that knocks my off my socks.

I can't fully agree to the D300 holding up against the D7100.
I used a D300 regularly and have now owned the D7100 since May (6500 shots taken so far)
I think I know what you mean with holding up, since the specs aren't now lightyears away in those 6+ years Nikon has had to come up with the D7100, but when it comes to taking pictures then I can certainly feel it shooting with a 6 year old camera and when I'm holding one from this year.
Trying to set the photographers skill aside for a sec then the D7100 does beat the D300 spec wise in I believe every (or almost) category, starting from a better screen and ending up with a better and sharper picture at higher ISOs (or other difficult situations), which I think would classify it as being a better camera.
Now in qualified hands, the D300 definitely holds up, but it does require more work.
Same as I could take a better picture in a specific sports field in my old 1 fps Fuji, while guys next to me in Canikons couldn't get the shot with bursts. It's all about knowing the camera you use, what its limitations are and how to overcome them.
I actually think it's great that these days you can get a D7100 and a lens for a cheaper price than a D300 body used to be. Considering the tech put into cameras these days it's a fantastic time to get into photography. (and yet people buy a phone and shoot instagram pictures with that instead...)
Sorry for my rambling and 100% off topic post, I felt like typing up my humble opinion.

So if you like your D300, stick to it and be happy?

I seriously think this is getting ridiculous. Every month they (canon/nikon) release a freaking new camera. Why don't they wait a little bit and release a failure-free equipment?I feel a little stupid for spending (a lot of) money into something and later find out is flawed or not at its full potential.

The wise guy waits at least 6 months after the release date when all the gullible guinea pigs have taken the plunge and later resort to dpreview for whining and complaining.

I was on the verge of going for the D800 in spring last year when reports about faulty AF units came to light. As it turned out a big bunch of D800 models was affected by this nasty flaw. So I waited another 6 months for Nikon to work out the kinks.

It's all about patience.

Wise advice. It's best to wait and see what comes next. But it's still insulting haha

And I got the D800 when it was first released and had no problems whatsoever. But sure, you can wait. But good gear is still good gear. The D600 is a damn good camera, so is the D800. Small glitches come and go, it's been a part of photography since the first cameras.

Oh yeah Fn great idea on D600 that was. I waited for the kinks to be ironed out now I have a 10 week old superseded Camera.

Even though I'm in the same boat as you, at the end of the day, the D610 will not take better pictures.

Absolutely which is why this is such a downer. Either you accept a problem or not, This on the other hand is akin to sweeping it under the carpet. Who loses out? not Nikon but the customer and many of which probably spent a very long time making their mind up on whether to purchase the D600 in the first place.As the D600 was an entry level DSLR, it meant a lot of customers digging deeper than they really wanted to to have FX over DX. After hearing this news today I feel cheated and betrayed. I like many, gave a lot of money to Nikon and a leap of faith that the Dust issue had been rectified. I feel compensation is in order.

The new Pentax K-3 announced yesterday which is aps-c dslr, has 27 AF points (25 of them are cross type and 3 of them will work to f/2.8 ! And also it is the first camera ever that has user swtichable low pass filter with 3 options.

The ISO range is 100-51200. Burst rate 8.3 fps. And also the new RGB sensor for metering and WB with 86000 pixels compared to this D610 which only has 2000 pixels.

I think the last line should have read.... "Judging by the minimal changes, you can expect to see some fucking seriously pissed off D600 owners wondering if they should ever purchase anything from Nikon again in their lives"..

Trust me, if I could afford the 5DmkIII, I'd switch over in a heartbeat.

What I would really need in terms of technological improvement from Nikon would be a sensor with a high dynamic range so I can stop having to shoot HDR every so often. More megapixel is not the thing to race for, better sensor dynamic range is what we need.

A live histogram that appears in the view finder BEFORE I take a picture would be a great enhancement too. Some much cheaper cameras have it and it's a good thing.No more test shot to see the histogram, you'd get it right in the view finder.

would i buy that as a upgrade if i had the D600.. Hell no!

Im more pissed about the weather sealing enhancements. I can send it away and get the oil spots fixed but I would be interested to know if they would seal it up some more too.... When you buy technology you accept its always going to be superseded, but to find it superseded within a few months because the original model was faulty is just wrong... they should offer a recall on D600`s, thats how a manufacturing fault on a car would work.

Your statement does not make sense
"Judging by the minimal changes, you can expect to see the now obsolete D600 bodies to start hitting retirement soon." If no or little improvement with the new camera why would anybody sell their d600. It seems like you pre wrote this post before the camera was even introduced.

This camera is a direct replacement to the D600. It was built and manufactured with the dirty sensor problem of the D600 in mind. Think of this camera more as a replacement to that than an actual new product. That is why you'll see the D600 falling off the grid soon

thanks for reply I just look at them as the same camera. except the old one will be a $1600 for refurb so I think it will still be sold for some time if the refurb fixed the issue. why pay $2000 for same product.

Refurbished D600 are the hottest FX deals going on right now. If I was in the market now for this, I would get a D600 refurb and put the extra money you save from buying the D610 on a real lens, instead of that dismal 24-85mm thing that has no business calling itself a lens.