The Photography Business Training System by SLR Lounge

Start and Run the Business of Your Dreams

With Pye Jirsa

Learn all of our strategies, templates, and workflows that we've used over the past decade to build one of the most profitable photography studios in the world. Let us help you build the photography business of your dreams with this comprehensive, step-by-step approach to business success.

This video tutorial includes
  • 30+ Hours of Videos, Templates, and Workbooks
  • Build a Sound Photography Business Plan
  • Create a Powerful Marketing and SEO Strategy
  • Learn Pricing and Packaging for Profit
  • Master the Art of Selling (Without Being Sale-sy)
  • Maintain a Sustainable, Thriving Business

Taking great pictures doesn’t mean you will succeed in the business of photography. In fact, some of the best photographers I know struggle with creating a profitable business. Some don’t understand the basics of business like analyzing the competition, pricing themselves correctly, and creating a distinct style and brand. Some have difficulty with client meetings, asking for what they’re worth, and actually understanding how to close a sale without being pushy. Others don’t have a sound marketing strategy to grow their web presence and create sustainable lead generation funnels.

If any of that describes your situation, then this course was designed for you.

The Photography Business Plan | Photography Business 101

Runtime: 6 Hours 11 Minutes

Being a photographer is 10% taking pictures and 90% everything else, including accounting, legal, marketing, sales, scheduling, and more.

Without a solid foundation, structure, and system, operating a successful business is difficult.

See the key concepts below:

  • Create a Sound Business Plan for Success
  • Set Up the Right Goals for Your Business
  • Establish Your Target Client Persona
  • Analyze the Market and Your Competition
  • Protect Yourself With Contracts and Insurance
  • Runtime: 6 Hours 11 Minutes

Photography Pricing And Product Design | Photography Business 201

Runtime: 8 Hours 21 Minutes

In workshop two, we help you create products and experiences designed to sell. Your product is much more than just your photos. Your product encompasses the entire client experience, from the first phone call to the product delivery. We also teach you how to utilize pricing psychology to create desirable and profitable packages. 

See the key concepts below:

  • Create Products and Experiences Designed to Sell
  • Learn How to Create Profitable Packages
  • Utilize Our Pricing Calculator
  • Master Pricing Psychology
  • Perfect Your Product (the Client Experience)
  • Runtime: 8 Hours 21 Minutes

Marketing And SEO For Photographers | Photography Business 301

Runtime: 8 Hours 54 Minutes

In workshop three, we want to help you build a lead generating machine. Learn our four-pronged approach to lead generation that includes organic SEO, social media, directories, and networking. Increase your Google rankings, master social media for photographers, and more in this workshop.

See the key concepts below:

  • Learn Our Four-Pronged Approach to Lead Generation
  • Increase Your Google Rankings
  • Master Social Media for Photographers
  • Create Free, Sustainable Lead Generation Funnels
  • Runtime: 8 Hours 54 Minutes

How To Book Photography Clients | Photography Business 401

Runtime: 8 Hours 54 Minutes

In workshop four, let’s increase your leads and create a steady stream of high-quality traffic to your site. Learn our four-pronged approach to lead generation, increase your Google rankings, master social media for photographers, and more.

See the key concepts below:

  • Master The Art Of Sales and Booking
  • Build the relationship with perfect E-Mails
  • Succeed with In-Person Meetings
  • Establish trust during Initial Phone Calls
  • Runtime: 8 Hours 21 Minutes

Meet Your Instructor

About Pye Jirsa

Pye Jirsa is a director, photographer and educator. Founder and Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography, a boutique Southern California wedding and portrait photography studio, and SLR Lounge, a photography education website, Pye devotes his time to helping photographers develop their shooting and business skills.


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